Accessing Exchange 2003 Server over dial-up or wireless is SLOW!

Our Sales Reps/Road warriors have just been moved from e-mail accounts handled by our ISP to our internal Exchange 2003 server.
Most of them use dial-up (via NT RAS) or wireless(over VPN) to connect to our internal LAN and access e-mail. They get authenticated fine, can ping both IP and Name of Exchange server, but it takes a ridiculous amount of time to connect to their mailbox (forget send, receive, and synchronize, they don't even want to wait that long).
At this point, these folks are revolting, and rightly so.
Any ideas on how to improve connection and/or performance of Outlook 2K, Outlook 2002, and Outlook 2003 clients over dial-up?

Thanks Folks!
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Outlook 2003 - configure the accounts in Cached mode.  It will save an amazing amount of bandwidth, and is configured to only bring down the message headers if it detects a slow connection.
Outlook XP,2K, etc, about the only suggestion would be to enable Offline mode and have Outlook query for new messages every so often.  It isn't nearly as elegant as Outlook 2003, but it works.

Another option is OWA.  Using the Rich interface view of OWA 2003 is very similar to Outlook, with Right-click context menus, and such, but you will still notice that it is a bandwidth hog (though not as much as full Outlook).  If you have enabled Forms-based authentication, then make sure that you enable High compression.  This will help.


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If they have winxp and outlook 2003 try configuring your server so that it could use
RPC over HTTP:;en-us;833401

Since outlook will connect to it directly it will detect the dial-up connection and will just synchronize the headers only there by they would see all their emails quickly but have an option what to view completely...
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