I'm having an issue with the old 5.5 Exchange service account in an Exchange 2000 & 2003 Native Mode Environment.


When I try to add a 2nd Exchange 2003 server to my Exchaneg Native Mode enivronment I an prompted by "Microsoft Exchange Messaging and Collaboration Services" to enter the password to the Existing 5.5 Service Account.  I can not change the service account or Domain since that is grayed out but I can see the user name & password, just can't edit it.  I can however enter a password which I do and it says the password needs to be valid (it is).


On one of my current Exchange 2003 servers I'm getting an Event in the Security Log that has Advapi trying to log on with the old Exchange 5.5 account but I can not find a service, or program that uses this account.  I can't find anything that uses the old 5.5 account.

Please let me know if oyu need more information, thanks...

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If you're in native mode then it sounds like the SRS was decomissioned incorrectly.  First, verify that in ESM under tools/site replication services that nothing exists.  If it does delete it.  Once that is verified Open ADSIEdit (installed with Windows support tools).  Browse to configuration, services, microsoft exchange, org name, administrative groups.  Right click on the admin group this server belongs to and click properties.  Find and clear these 3 properties:

- msExchLegacyDomain
- msExchLegacyAccount
- msExchLegacyPassword

Now, back in ADSIEdit go to configuration/services/microsoft exchange/active directory connections.  If you see an entry on the right that starts with Config CA, delete it.
copioAuthor Commented:
Thank You.  We were on the right path but you made it a lot easier.  The old 5.5 account is gone from my install.  You Rock...

At this point you'll get the 500 points.

Unfortunately now when I try and install an Exchange 2003 server the user name and domain name are grayed out  and no accounts are showing (even in the grayed out area).  I can not get by this screen if I leave it blank.

Thoughts, and I'll be throwing in another 200 points...

Thanks so much...
copioAuthor Commented:
I guess 500 point is the max for a question...
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Oh yeah, I left something out.  Go back into ADSIEdit, and get properties of your admin group.  Find the value called msExchAdminGroupMode and change it to 0.

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copioAuthor Commented:
Thanks for you help, I haven't closed the issue because we're still having problems.  Now the Public Folders Store has become un-mounted and we cannot send or receive mail (not even internally).

When I try to mount the Public Store I get an error ID no: c1041726.

Our email queue is building and I can't even send internally.
copioAuthor Commented:
We were able to resolve this issue, there were remnants of the old 5.5 Site left over in AD.  We cleared this up using the ADSI tool, and NO!, it was not east...  :-)

Thanks for all you help, take care...
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