AD Replication Problem

AD Environment
It’s a W2K AD.  There is a root and three domains.  Each domain has multiple domain controllers.  Each domain represents a business function/company.  All domain controllers within the AD have been patched will all current Microsoft patches.  

I have two problems.
1.  I changed my GPO to force account lockout after three invalid password attempts.  All of a sudden, users started having problems with being locked out of their accounts.  Only one of the three domains is having this problem.  Most of the users swear they never entered their password but one time.  This leads to my second problem.

2.  One on my domain controllers is having problems communicating to all servers in another domain.  When I do a repadmin /showreps I get the following issue for all servers associated with that domain, which is about seven servers.

    OUNAME\server1 via RPC
        objectGuid: 16fb0d39-bbe8-4cc3-a9b2-0a302b6a8405
        Last attempt @ 2004-11-11 20:14.16 failed, result 1908:
            Could not find the domain controller for this domain.
        Last success @ 2004-10-31 11:05.29.  

I am able to ping all of the servers that the domain controller says it is having problems communicating with.  I did notice that the administrator account kept getting locked out with the policy above when I forced replication.  I turned off the policy to stop the administrator account from getting locked out.

Any ideas on how to solve these problems?

Thanks for your help!
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Have you run DCDIAG on the enterprise yet? If not, run it with the following switches:

dcdiag /s:SERVERNAME /e /c /v > c:\dcdiag.txt

SERVERNAME = the name of the server

After that, go find c:\dcdiag.txt on the server and post up the text of the file here and we can try trouble shooting from there.

Also, here are some questions:

Are all the servers in a single site?

Gone in to AD Sites & Services to make sure all the servers are in there and have replication partners listed?

The forest or domain root servers haven't been decommishioned or anything have they? Anotherwords, are all the FSMO role holders still intact?

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