Adding 2 disks to a Raid 0 to make it a Raid 0+1

Currently I have a system set up (with GigaRAID) as a Raid 0 (striping).  I want to add two more drives to make it a RAID 0+1...but I don't want to lose my data on the original two drives.  I just want to plug in the two new ones and tell it to add those in and mirror to them.  I've looked in the RAID BIOS configuration and I've launched the Windows software tool.  Both of them seem unclear as to whether or not I'll lose my data.

Any ideas?

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tycenAuthor Commented:
More info...

To clarify, it seems that in the Windows tool I need to delete my current array (0) and then with all four disks available, set up an array 0+1.  But, if I delete the array, will I delete data or will it just delete the array layout?
You will lose your data if you follow their process.  What you need to do is use a program like Symantec Ghost to take a snapshot of your system before doing this.  You might want to get a tape backup as well (if available).  Then set up the array as you want and restore the data using Ghost.  I just don't believe you can turn your RAID0 into a RAID0+1...


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Have a look at acronis trueimage. I've used that on raided drives and it worked (maybe I was just lucky, because I was also able to make an image of a raid system with ghost). I did have to try a couple of times, though. migrating a raid 0 system to raid 10 might work but also there you'd need to be lucky, so a backup is essential.
I have used Ghost to backup and restore RAID1 arrays a few times.  I also have a couple of friends who use it at their work.  Basically we have all used it when performing drive upgrades.  I just used Symantec Ghost 8.0 about 3 months ago to backup a Dell server running RAID1 (Perc4/SC SCSI RAID controller) and restore it to larger disks (36GB to 73GB).  It worked like a charm.  I had no idea this wasn't a supported configuration as I've used this several times.  Then again, I have not used it to backup a RAID0 and then restore to a RAID0+1, but it *should* work.

Again, if you do choose to try this, I would also get a backup on tape too.

Any way you slice it this is going to be quite the project.  It should go well though, but as you probably know, you have to plan for the worst.

What RAID controller are you using? It might be possible through some model's BIOS...

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