New to this--asp page is not submitting to access database upon submit

I have set up the DSN connection, done the recordset bindings for the form, have the recordset for the server behavior.  What actually tells the form to submit to the database, and what tells the form to go to a thankyou.asp page upon submit?
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Ryan ChongCommented:
How is the status? How's you write your process/submission scripts?

Basically you need to have a form and set the form Action Property to a process page, where you can write the scripts in the process page for data insertion.

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This explains it rather simply:

Look here:

Hope this helps!

I'll recommend webthang's way but why do go for dsn connections. Try out dsn less instead. Thats my way. I dont force you for that but keep in mind that you are a beginner as you say. I also tried it but with some difficulties. Then I moved on for dsn less connections and found the strategy very useful. A must read on the topic is
I always thought about it and today, after having a look at your question, I thought I must search about that. So I finally decided to post my comment.
There is only one problem.
Does anybody know the way we can work in the same way with dsn less connections as we do with dsn connections in dreamwever. If so, then your problem is easily solved.
Fahd Murtaza
ibtayaAuthor Commented:
It was in the security setting for the database.  Guest account must have write permission.
We are still not clear about your statement after your last comment and how the first comment satisfies you. Kindly explain a bit so that all partipating can get some knowledge from that!
Fahd Murtaza
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