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URGENT: Desperately need VelocityStruts example using FORMS

I can't find good examples anywhere of VelocityStruts, so here's what I need... and I know it's a big question, but it's worth 500 points:

I need a good example of using Velocity and VelocityStruts to put together a page that gets form input from a user and sends it to a Java class (let's call it DataHolder). I need to know what the following files look like:

 - web.xml
 - struts-config.xml
 - Any .vm files used for Velocity templates
 - Any .java classes used for Struts actions
 - Any other files used (like velocity.properties, applicationResources.properties, whatever...)

This is just a simple input page, no need for validation stuff from Struts. It can be as simple as a single text field and a single submit button. Also, when "submit" is pressed, it should return the user to the data entry page.

Basically I'm looking for a basic framework I can use to model my application after, since I can't find any good examples on the web.

Web resources:

Velocity -- http://jakarta.apache.org/velocity/
VelocityStruts -- http://jakarta.apache.org/velocity/tools/struts/
Struts -- http://struts.apache.org/

Thanks in advance
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scommissoAuthor Commented:
Yeah, I've glanced at those before... too much extra stuff to weed through for me, though, since it has like 8 sample applications within one. I'm decent at Velocity, but I hardly know anything about Struts -- and that's what I would need to know to weed through that junk.
this is a free book on struts that wil help u fastly enter the struts subject:


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