How to safely turn ISA Server OFF

I have a server (WIN2000 Business) running ISA as a firewall/proxy.

I am wanting to replace with Watchguard SOHO6 hardware firewall because it will be easier to administer and take overhead off the server.

How do I safely rid the server of ISA?
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FUROGAuthor Commented:

I been to a few of those sites and I actually invoked ISA today and went through it's interface. I couldn't find anything
on "stopping" the ISA service only stopping/starting features inside ISA.

I'm sure I can just start deleting all the "protocols" inside and it would open up but my point is I am trying to stop this service so it frees up performance.

What about the mspclnt client software loaded on client machines....does that need to come off.

I just want to do it right. So I am looking for specific advice.

Thanks for the help...
In the list of services, you will see a WEB Proxy service, this is the ISA web proxy.  You can stop this service and the ISA web proxy will stop functioning.    This does not uninstall the product, only halts its execution.    You will need to go through the uninstall if you want it completely gone.  

Now before you remove the ISA server,  if you have any clients running the MSPclnt, it will make your life easier if you uninstall this from the workstations first and then do the server last.    


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