ADSL modem configuration

I have taken over as sys admin for a network and am trying to figure out the ADSL connection setup. Here is the current setup:

Win2000 server - two NICS (one private, one public) acting as gateway/firewall etc for LAN

Now, I have an ADSL modem (askey brand?) which I assume is acting as a bridge so that the static IP handed out by ISP is given to the server not to the modem itself. I don't really know about different adsl modem configurations so any info would be appreciated.

The modem has no documentation and the ISP technical info is not very detailed. I assume I can access the modem setup through web browser to an IP address. How can I find out what this IP is? I have scanned the private network but there is no modem on it.

Thanks in advance...
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here's the askey web site
get ya started any way
Love admins who don't map the network LOL
Fatal_ExceptionSystems EngineerCommented:
You may have to Telnet into that modem...  The website sure does not help us much, eh?
machealthAuthor Commented: is of vary little assistance. I can try telnetting to the modem but I have no idea what it's IP address is?
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on  your machine (hoping it's getting via dhcp) go to a prompt and type
ipconfig /all
check the ethernet gateway, this should be the modem ip
machealthAuthor Commented:
My server has a static IP, not DHCP. I thought the gateway on my external NIC would be one of the ISP's machines? I can't telnet to the gateway (port 23 or 80).

I understand that with an adsl modem in 'bridged' mode, it gives it's IP address to the server, hence, how do you get into the config of the modem itself?
some info I found
You may have to reset the modem, do you know the username and password for the internet connection?

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