Multiple VPN users behind LinkSys router will not work. One connection at a time only.

I have a small group of people behind a Linksys. I have only one public IP address. When more than one user wants to connect via VPN, anyone else currently using a VPN connection gets booted off.

I am told this is just the way it works, having only one IP. Note that this is not using any VPN feature of the LinkSys. The VPN users have a security token and run a Cisco VPN client.

If I up my service and get more IP's, can I have multiple (simultaneous) users behind the Linksys, each using VPN?

If not with a LinkSys, is there a different router I could use to get this done?

Any help appreciated.
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that depends on two things:
1) Are users connecting to the same endpoint?
2) What model Linksys do you have?

There are some VPN specific models of Linksys routers, but even they won't support multiple VPN connections to the same end point. if they do all go to the same endpoint, you can get a VPN model and create a permanent LAN-LAN VPN tunnel and nobody will have to use the VPN client at all.
If they go to different sites, then a VPN capable Linksys router should support multiple clients at the same time.
I personally use the WRV54G with permanent VPN tunnels to two different sites, plus VPN clients on my PC's to other different sites with no problems at all.

techsedgeAuthor Commented:
Yes, they all connect to the same, when needed.
BEFSR41 is the model.

Permanent tunnel is not an option according to our security people. The users need to use the client and their token. I think it has to do with "us" not having physical, secure control of the facility / MDF.

I could order more DSL lines, one for each user but that seems a big waste. Looking for some thing I can do with maybe only spending < than a 1000,00 dollars for a different firewall / router/ service upgrade if that is possible. Until then, they have to take turns connecting. Heck of a way to work, isn't it?
You could use a Cisco PIX 501 firewall and get multiple IP addresses from the ISP. None of the Linksys models will support multiple outside IP's mapped to multiple inside IP's, but the PIX will.
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Why don't you look into Watchguard firewall.  I think it's more affordable and is capable of what you want to accomplish.
techsedgeAuthor Commented:
Thanks lrmoore.  That item looks like the ticket....  

Are you familiar with it's setup? I know my way around a linksys & some other interfaces, but I'm curious if it will be obvious to me how it should be setup. Super simple?
Nothing from Cisco is what I would term "super" simple,  but we've got plenty of experience around here to help you out in a jam..

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techsedgeAuthor Commented:
Thanks - I hope to make this work.
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