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Will a Linksys PAP2 connect to an Altigen 5.0 system via a ptp T-1 and function for a credit card terminal and fax machine (both analog)?

I have been looking at the Quintum Tenor and ran across this recently released product from Linksys.  I'm sure at $60.00 it doesn't have the features that the Quintum product has, however, my phone system already has the features, I just need the connection to get the analog equipment across the data line to connect to the Altigen machine.
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One of the challenges you face is that the Altigen only supports H.323, so no matter which way you go, make sure you deploy the endpoint using H.323. In reagrds to the Linksys device, it is really meant to work with a VoIP provider (Vonage,Verizon). I just did a quick look at the admin guide and does not look to be easily intergrated into an enviroemt outside using one of the approved service providers.

In regards to the Quintum Tenor, the new generation series of FXS 2/4 port are excellent, web interface, custom dial plans within the gateway itself and a whole bunch more. I believe a 2 port is going to be about $500.

There are a few other gateways out there that you could use that are a bit cheaper, just make sure that they support fax/modem passthru. You also could use a Cisco ATA which will only run you about $150, the only drawback is that if you are not familar with IOS it could be a bit of a challenge at first, but if you have the time, I wouold opt for the Cisco.

Also when you deploy the Altigen side, make sure that you support only using G.711 codec for those endpoints. Let me know how this goes, I have a few Altigens in my lab to test things out.

Kindest regards
normsrvAuthor Commented:
After posting the original question I found that there is also a PAP2 NA that is not designed to be used by a specific service provider.  This may be a better alternative.  At $60, I would prefer it over the Cisco if it will accomplish the task.
Also, is an ATA needed at both ends or will the Altigen system handle all the work at the other end.
It will be a while before this project goes live.  It is just one small piece of the puzzle with opening a new location.  I am working on twelve different issues at the same time.

Did a little more research, and the answer is NO on the Linksys, the Linksys only supports SIPv2, Altigen does not support SIP at all, only H.323, so looks like the Cisco might be the best answer for the price and reliability.  

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