deleted or changed addresses still autocomplete

I have a couple of address in my Outlook address book that I have either deleted or modified that still autocomplete when addressing an e-mail.  
For instance, I have a contact of "MY Contact" with an address of and subsequently change it to  The next time I begin to write an e-mail to "My Contact", the address line "TO" will list the original rather than the new address.  If I right click on the address and select properties, it will show the new

Hmmmm.  Tim
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If i understand this correctly , whenever the old email address comesup , press DELETE on the keyboard
and see if it would get erased.

TimLaLAuthor Commented:

That did seem to take care of it.

Now, can you answer this:  what determines what addresses will be listed in the "TO" field when you begin to type a name?  It seems that sometimes it will list several addresses I have not written to in a long while and yet not list names I may have used even today?
if you have the email addresses in the contacts folder then it will show when you start typing in the name.

it doesnot matter whether you have written to those email addresses in a while or not.

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TimLaLAuthor Commented:
Does it only try to list addresses from the contacts folder?
I have several address folders: Contacts, "Our Company Name" (for internal addresses), "My Family" (for my familiy e-mail addresses), "Supplier A", "Supplier B", etc.  
TimLaLAuthor Commented:
Today, as I began to enter an e-mail address, (the same that had initiated this dialogue), the old address popped up as one of the autocomplete addresses again.  Sure, I was able to hit the "delete" button on my keyboard to get rid of it, but?
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