Need Help with My LAN

Hi! I really would appreciate any help in configuring my LAN.

First, of all I would like to Play MOHAA on 2-PCs via LAN.  Second, It would be nice if I can get  the 2nd PC connected on the internet.  I've tried network setup and ICS numerous times just Doesn't work?? also, configured the router to open port 80 and
 placed it as DMZ.  Still can't get 2nd PC on the internet.?????
I have tried many, many things like creating and enabling accounts on both, PCs  so, that I can log in as admin on both, PCs with full-access.  I can see the entire drive on both machines.
  I can also, Ping them by IP address.    Now, I know this isn't hard as I have done this in the past.

In the past I use to have another PC and had it connected via a D-Link Di-604 router
   and it worked great!!   but, it started to act on me--motherboard failure.
 I then was given a PC from my brother which I loaded XP pro on which I now have it connected to the Linksys Router.  

  Recently forwarded ports 12202 and 12203 on the Linksys router configuration. and disabled DHCP according to the manual.  Hasn't worked, Added static IP address

1st PC:
default gateway:
netbios over tcp/ip enabled

2nd PC:
default gateway:
netbios over tcp/ip enabled

As of right now my LAN is setup w/ private static IPs'. I've also, tried Obtain and Ip address on both, PCs' w/ DHCP enabled on the router.  Still can't join LAN game for MOHAA.

Normally, when amynone has a LAN and wants to play a game MOHAA or anything else?  They would shut-off their software firewall I currently have PC-Cillin 2002

Xp built-in firewall and PC-Cillin firewall are off.  

Protocols : I'm using are TCP/IP, IPX/SPX, Netbeui
Router: Linksys BEFSR1

I will gladly appreciate any help on this matter and I will reward accordingly.

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How about the config through the game....Is it setup.  If so, how?  I think some have a setup to start a LAN game.  I am pretty sure that is on there, since I used to play the game too.  I still have it installed if you need help.  On PC2, have you tried to ping the default gateway.  What is PC2 connected into now?
Hi armandosalinas
Check your netcard allthough you can ping try and ping did you get a reply?
check your net cable change it with the other one from pc 1
Put the cable in an other port and test
if you think your configureation is correct take out the netcable from your router
and put it directly to your modem/or adsl and config with DHCP is there a connection ?
sorry wrong post
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armandosalinasAuthor Commented:
Hi! WinKing-
  Yes, In the Config. for Multi-Player for MOHAA you can set it up for LAN, which I manually configured it for 3-weeks ago; you can also, configure it for Adsl, ISDN, etc,.  Just earlier today and for the last 2-weeks Both, PCs were able to Ping the gateway and each other as well as doing a Loopback=

Currently, Both PCs are connected to a Linksys 4-port  cable/dsl router BEFSR41
  any help you can provide  again, I would appreciate.
armandosalinasAuthor Commented:
Hi! Davy999-
  Yes, I've been able to Ping the NIC on PC2 and PC2 to PC1 as well as Both, PCs pinging the gate w/ 4 healthy replies.

Just earlier tonight I forwarded ports on the Linksys router and disbaled DHCP
 and as a result PC2 now has that Nasty ip addr:169.152.x.x

As soon as I can get the PC2 w/ a valid IP address I will change cables around and ports
 even though I have done this in the past.

If any of you know of an easier or alternate way  to eliminate the Err. Messg:
 Can't contact DHCP server when trying to do Ipconfig /all >> /release  >>/Renew

please let me know?

I will find out more tomorrow, but I am pretty sure you have to have one PC setup as like a server to host the game.

With the error message... Does that come with a IP Autoconfig message in the ipconfig.  Sometimes the card will take charge in what it's IP address will be and will assign it some random one.  If it is XP, go into network connections, and right-click the Lan Icon, and go to Prop.  Once there scoll down all the way to TCP/IP and click Properties.  From there just click 'Use the Following Address and fill iti in from there.  That will take care of the problem with the IP address config in the CMD.  You might have to Log off or restart just to make sure the settings catch on.  let me know how that goes, i will check on the MOH tomorrow.

Good luck.
armandosalinasAuthor Commented:
WinKing tiger, Well, i have no figured out how to eliminate that Err. Messg: on PC2
  The Only other Problem I've noticed earlier today/tonight After assigning Static Ip address
on PC2 and Turning off the router 1st then the PCs in that partucular order.

PC2 has become Normal again I think>, the problem I was having later tonight was
 that my router GUI timed Out.  It seemed like it wanted to assign another IP address
which it did at first PC1= then PC2=

But, I changed it in the interface for the router to try to reflect PC1=
 and PC2=

So, as a result I know have PC1= & PC2=
As far as the order of which PC has Which private IPaddress behind the router it really shouldn't matter.

what matters is being able to Join LAN when playing multiple-players just 2-PCs for now.

On MY PC PC1 I can ping the NIC= successfully
I can also, ping the gateway and PC2 and the same goes for PC2

One thing I have noticed is that the Full/Col light on router port doesn't light up anymore
  even after changing ports on the router?
Oh,?? I just fixed that?? Yea!! for me I know see the missing light(Full/Col)light is now lit.

What I did I went into the NIC on both, PCs and changed the NIC properties under the Adv. tab in the LAN card.  I will check and try MOHAA again?

I don't think I have to set it up as a server just to play on a LAN??
 But, I'm willing to give it a try  As a matter of fact i was trying to do that today
  w/ port forwarding 12203 and  12204

I look forward to your continued support , thanks.

I checked the MOH game.  You have to make sure under the network options, you check the LAN as the config.  I would definitely try the setup one as the server route.  I remember on the few LAN games I have been a part of they have had one central server that was hosting the game.  Playing over the internet, with another friend, you have to invite one user to play the game on their pc.  Let me know how it goes.  Make sure they are both set for LAN though.
armandosalinasAuthor Commented:
My only question is How do you set a PC up for a Server? will I have to check Dedicated server?
  Also, I 'm sure If do this I won't be able to play MOH on the one that is setup for a server?
Because, I had tried this 2-days ago as well.  This I thimk defeats the Purpose Of LAN

I shouldn't have to configure ANY Pc for server unless, I'm expecting to go On-line.

I should just be able to pluf the 2-ethernet cables from both, PCs w/ the firewall off and play MOH.

Just like I did in the past.  Unless, you are trying to set the Primary Box in some different way?

Please explain the steps to setup PC1(Primary) PC as Server so, that I can Play MOH
 with PC 2 on a LAN.?


You can do that in the multilayer options of the game.  In my experience with the game and a couple of others, you can play with the pc that is set as the server.  I would just make the faster PC the dedicated server.  On both PC's setup the connection to be over a LAN in the multiplayer optons. So then on PC1, go to multiplayer.  Then on to multiplayer options.  Click on the arrow got 'net connection' (that is where you can setup for the game to be on the LAN.  On the right, click on 'start game' for PC!.  Once in 'start game' select the game type.  Inside here you can select the maps and more important select 'dedicated server'.  On PC2, go to the middle and click-on 'Join Game', then go to 'Join LAN Game'.  Now from here you should see the 'server name'  that was configured on PC1 on the 'start game' screen.  I think it is nameless server by default.   There is also the refresh button to click if you do not see anything.  That is how to setup a LAN game.  Make sure there is connectivity between the two pcs if you do not see the server.  Have fun and let me know if this does the job.

armandosalinasAuthor Commented:
I understand what you are saying and I'm quite familiar with the configuration of the game and its settings.  Again, If I select dedicated server Nothing happnes on PC1 it just takes me to a console.  But, can't do anything from there.

You see,  As soon as I start the game with dedicated server selected it will act as a dedicated server
Meaning that you can't play on this PC unless, you have at least 2- other PCs
  at this time I only have 2-PCs and not 3-PCs. also, I Need help setting up the 2nd PC
w/ internet.

But, I know that You can play this game as well as any other games via a router of any kind
and just 2-PCs.  Because, I've done this before I just can't understand why it doesn't want to work now?

I 'm pretty sure that If I select Dedicated server under multi-player it will allow
 other gamers within and outide the LAN to play.
   I just want to have my own LAN"Internal to my network"

I know how to forward ports and play MOHAA on the internet but, because, of the High Pings on the interent I would rather play LAN games.

If you have any other Ideas let me know?  If not, Thanks, for your help.

Well, I guess to make sure the ports are definitely open to have the game run over the net,  I am not on the pc that would have this info at this moment,  But I could find that out for you.  I am  sure that other users on the net would have trouble finding your pc if you have it as dedicated server.  Just saying it would not be advertised.

I would recommend looking at this site for an answer, it seems to have a lot of information on this game and LAN gaming in general.

Hope this helps you out, keep me posted.
armandosalinasAuthor Commented:
winkingtiger I'm not at my PC tonight.

   I will look at what you suggested and I will try something different don't know what???

Like I said I can play over the internet MOHAA even though it is a bit buggy , after the fact i downloaded late last night the  latest patch for MOHAA  and updated my firmware for my router a few days ago.
  This same game I play over at my GF's house with the same router and all we did there was just connect the ethernet cables from both Pcs, to the router, turn off the firewall and it works just fine.

I'll keep you posted thanks.

Updating the latest patches and the firmware is a good idea.  If it works at your GF's then just see what little thing might be left out.  Hope it works out.
armandosalinasAuthor Commented:
I've done all the patches and Upgraded the router's firmware and also, taken a look at the website you mentioned previously the website really details more about MOHAA server and it  setting it up.

  Again, I don't want to setup a server just plug in 2-PCs at this time to a router
  and the router via DHCP assigning addresses to each PC so, That I can play a LAN game
     that and maybe, internet on the 2nd PC.

But, I would be quite content in just playing a LAN game  Still can't figure it out.

At my GF's house she has default settings on her router.
  The only thing I noticed different is that On both, PCs when I go into command prompt
and type the Command ARP -a it will show the router's private Ip address
and then the address of the local PC w/ MAC address.

and that's something I'm trying to do on my LAN w/ my 2-PCs'.
   today I accidentally removed LOCAL Area connection on mine and have not been able to place Local area connection back under my Network places even after restarting  the router, PC, and running network setup wizard a few times.

Well, I'll look into it some more and keep you posted.
To Connect to the internet with PC2, try switching the working ip address of pc1 to pc2.  See if you can ping the gateway and a web page.  
Simply put, if pc1 is working fine, copy its config and make pc2 identical.  Just with a different available IP address.

On the MOHAA, here is another link on setting up the game on a LAN.  It states that there is a way to setting the game up for multiplayer and still being able to use the pc for the game.

Keep me posted.

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