Horizontal Scrolling Of A Set Of Images - Internet Explorer for Mac Does Not Scroll Smoothly

The url I am working on is http://aliasart.thedesignfly.com and the scrolling in question is found on the home page. The guy who I am developing for sent me this...

For IE, I should have said does not cope 'well' (rather than implying not at all) for the Home Page.  This 'appears' to be solely due to the moving / scrolling images.    

              The main IE points are:

              The moving images do not move smoothly, but judder (like incremental steps).   Netscape moves smoothly (a large difference).

              When one rollsover any link on the Home Page the mouse pointer and the link start flashing quickly (at the same rate as the images are moving) and quite strongly.
              When you press on the link, this flashing continues.  

              A horizontal scroll bar appears along the bottom of the page allowing one to scroll into white space on the left and right sides.      

         If you clickthrough to a page from the Home Page and then press 'back' on the browser to return to the Home Page, then the moving images judder much more severely.
   When you rollover a link, the flashing is more severe in turn.  It is then difficult to click off into another application (it is as if stuck on the page) but it does manage to do so
   eventually.  If you repeat this process, it becomes more pronounced with the images jumping across rather than juddering.  These more severe states can be resolved back to            
   normal judder by refreshing the page.          

I don't have a mac so I can't test this and considering I borrowed the code I wouldn't know where to start coding my own (other than making it in flash...). Has anyone come across this problem when using IE for the mac and if so what was the solution.
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here it is scrolling with the bare minimum of  over head over and it still shudders a little. I do not think you will get it better than this. The reapones is browser and machine dependent as well, I see see little difference betewn NS nad Ie on my machine

<base href='http://aliasart.thedesignfly.com/'>
<div id="scroller" style="position:absolute;width:1300;height:265;left:20;top:100;z-index:1">
 <img src="db/gfx/scroller/front/21.jpg" border="0" alt="Gabriel Corcuera Zubillaga : Daniel Corcuera Robbins">
 <img src="db/gfx/scroller/front/25.jpg" border="0" alt="Despina Kyriacou : DK01">
 <img src="db/gfx/scroller/front/20.jpg" border="0" alt="David Shanahan : DS20">
 <img src="db/gfx/scroller/front/28.jpg" border="0" alt="Stanley Woolston : SW01"> </dd>

<div id="scrollerTop" style="position:absolute;width:110%;height:500;top:100;left:20;z-index:2">
 <table width="984" height="268" cellspacing="0" cellpadding="0">
     <td width="10%" bgcolor="#FFFFFF" width="209"></td>
     <td width="80%" height="220"></td>
     <td width="10%" height="220" bgcolor="#FFFFFF"></td>

function move(){


for NS
AbeSpainAuthor Commented:
This seems to scroll smoothly (as can be seen at http://aliasart.thedesignfly.com/test2.asp ) but it does not have the same functionality as the live site does, that is to say it does not loop correctly. There is also the scroll bar problem (which I might be able to fix using iframes). Is this something you were aware of?
If you are still interseted I can look at this again. The example I posted was to show what the best case flicker is , ie minimal processing, I know it had other problems. The flicker will depend very much on browser and users processer.

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AbeSpainAuthor Commented:
The customer seems to think the flicker is suitable so it would be helpful if you could look at it again.
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