Find a Folder

My folder hierarchy in Outlook (2002) is deep.
I just lost a folder.
I can find messages in it (with Advanced Find), but cannot locate it in the hierarchy.

How can I locate a folder in the hierarchy?
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Is this in code u want to find it??
campinasAuthor Commented:
No, in the UI.
Like all users, I set up a hierarchy of custom folders in order to classify my messages. If this hierarchy is deep, and one can't remember the location of a folder (meaning, the branch/parent) then the folder is not retrievable anymore, right?
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I forgot this: You can press Ctrl-Y (or Menu -> Go -> Folder) and type the folder name then press OK

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campinasAuthor Commented:
The article only gives the folder name, which is also available in Advance Find. No path to folder. I entered this issue with Microsoft on article feedback page.

The Ctrl-Y is promissing, but I guess Microsoft forgot to implement the find feature (only has the UI for it). Obviousely, the code for finding the folder is missing. If you just type a folder name, no path, it prompts for a path. If you type a path, it works. But if one has the path, no need to find the folder anymore. "Finding" means determining the path...

I believe a true solution to this problem would be...
1. When right click on item in Advanced Find, a Go To Folder menu item may expand the hierarchy to the point where the folder is...
2. Or, an option in Advanced Find "Show Folder Path" so that, instead of the folder name only, it'll also include the path in the results pane

Other ideas? (thanks)
Another option, if you REALLY need to find a folder, and are willing to spend sometime doing a little searching with your eyeballs, is this:  Right click on the root of the directory you want to search (mailbox, .pst, personal folders, etc) and click properties.  Then at bottom left hit the "folder size" button.  The resulting window will tell you the total size of the directory as well as list ALL the folders and their full path.
Unfortunately the window will not expand, so you have to do some anoying scrolling up & down, left & right to view all the folder paths.  BUT - at least it's a full list and if you're lucky you'll find what you need before your eyeballs dry up.
I'm in the middle of one such search right now.  Oy.
Good luck....
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