registry file failure, physical memory dump

So, I don't have a backup disk, we JUST got it to boot normally, so we didn't make one yet. Don't have a Windows CD was already installed on it.
Tried F8>>last known good configuration to no avail.
Iknow I know, now the hard way...
Can I get a backup disk online?
What do I do next? My DH is totally exhausted with this machine, wants to just give up, I told him you could help us, you guys always have in the
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Wayne BarronAuthor, Web DeveloperCommented:
OK to begin with.
NO! you cannot get a backup disk online.
See the Backup disk Does a Backup on your current configuration.
And if you was to use someone else's, then you would
Be in worst shape then you are right now.

Are you able to logon to the computer?
If so, then try to go into the "Event Viewer"
And get out the Log File information for this Memory Dump.
This is needed to further assist you.

jujujulesAuthor Commented:
Nope, can't log on....goes thru the motions like it's going to...but then......the blue screen of death
Wayne BarronAuthor, Web DeveloperCommented:
What is the Error Number that it gives you?
We need to know that?

  The way it sounds, since you do not have any "BackUp" (or) "OP CD"
You might be fighting a loosing battle.
As you are going to need a CD to fix the registry.

Have you tried to boot in [Safe Mode]?
If not then Try going into [Safe Mode], and see what happens?
If you are able to boot into Safe Mode, then get the information from the "Event Viewer"

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jujujulesAuthor Commented:
bunch of zero's then 218, don't know 'bout safe mode..will try, post later.
Eureka tho!! we found a disk!
jujujulesAuthor Commented:
Will not boot  to the disk, still error message about not beingable to load hive, registry file failure00000000000218 says disk absent or corrpt like b4.
It is a bootable CD.
Tried setup f2 set to what
Wayne BarronAuthor, Web DeveloperCommented:
What Operating System do you have?
This is something that is not mentioned?
Even though we are in Windows 2000 Category of EE
People post... XP, 2003 here as well.

jujujulesAuthor Commented:
its windows 2000
will not boot in safe mode
think its the cmos battery??
Wayne BarronAuthor, Web DeveloperCommented:
You need to go into BIOS.
Set the Start Options to "Boot CDRom Support"
F3 (or) F1 (or) [Delete]
Will get you into BIOS.
Then find the tabpage for the Boot options.
Set the " 1st Boot Device "
Set it to:  CD Rom

  Then F10 --> To Save.

It will Reboot, then see if it will take off with the CD now.
If so, then you can do a:  UpGrade
Instead of a Full Install. This way everything stays the same.
This way you can get into the System, and backup everything from
C:\ Documents and Setting\ (Your User)
That you want to keep.
And what ever program that you want to keep, you may want to either

Write:  The information down on them.
Backup: If you have more then 1-Partition, back everything on to it.

And so forth and so on.

If it will not Boot from the CDRom drive, after setting BIOS to boot from
the CD Rom. Then you may have a CMOS issue. which could be the Battery.

Do the simple things first.
BIOS --> First Boot --> CD Rom --> Choose UpGrade on Win2k
Backup everything.
Boot From CD Rom -- > Do Full Install.
This way you can start with a Fresh system.

If everything goes as planned. Then you should only be down for about 5hrs TOPS. That is the Upgrade Process. Backup and then Full Install.

Keep us informed

jujujulesAuthor Commented:
KOOLIO! TY!! will giv it a try tomorrow, have a party planned for tonite. TY for being so prompt.
Wayne BarronAuthor, Web DeveloperCommented:
Hve fun.
I have nothing planned expect setting here Developing a Programers Web Site, that is to go LIVE on: New Years Eve.
So enjoy the party their with the College girls, ;p

jujujulesAuthor Commented:
don't cha love doing sites!! I really enjoy putting them up, not very good at it yet, but hey, I'll get there.  major slide probs but most up and runnin
My client's PC had the following error at three times last month and this was related to faulty ram.

Bugcheck 0xc0000218 (e12c8a28,00000000,00000000,00000000)

After he replaced the faulty RAM and the problem is no longer occurred.
Wayne BarronAuthor, Web DeveloperCommented:
Check out this article and see if it helps you

Wayne BarronAuthor, Web DeveloperCommented:
Good job on the site, keep it up.
The "Sigs" I like them.. The girl Sigs are great.

What program do you use to build your sites with?
I use: DreamWeaver UltraDev 4.01, notepad, CuteHTML
And a program that I made: FireHTMLEditor.

I do a lot of .asp work, some .php and learning .cgi
You might say that I am dabbling in all the web interface languages.

Keep up the good work.

jujujulesAuthor Commented:
I looked at that error page but it says softwar on mine not system at the end.
I used that bleepin Y*H** sitebuilder at first AKKKKKKKK! that's what ruined my slide shows, imported and exported them thru it and boink!    Made the actual slides thru Jalbum, pretty cool little FREE  program that uploads and all The flashy little one on the front page was even easier. 3 files to transfer tht's it. Have used Cutesite beforeand their ftp. but took me a while to learn the program. hell I just got this dell in dec last year...hey I've an anniversary comming up!!
love doing those sigs! LOVE doing that graphic work!!! Holler if you need some thing done!! I'm at forum name)
I know a little html and jsut  bought a 3 cd pack of some more lessons sos I'm getting there. Need some real classes too. So many possibilities it's just mind boggling.
Wasnt able to wrk on the puter
will tomorrow
Wayne BarronAuthor, Web DeveloperCommented:
  Try what I posted above.
Doing the [Upgrade] and then [Backup] and then [Reinstall].
This is going to possibly be your own choice with this one.

  Yahoo was the first site that I ever built.
It was a music store, but as far as it got was a Front Page, then some sub-pages, and some contact information, but never got any further then that.

   I really started out using: CuteHTML. Which is simple an Editor.
With the ability to launch the Saved page in your Default Browser.
I built my first real site on my Server (Running Windows NT 4 Server )
About 5yrs ago. It took me about 5 weeks to implement everything that I wanted in it, and all was hand coded. 6 pages deep, and won an award for amature web site development. ( Which over 100 people won the same award, so it was not a big priority to keep the e-mail sent award, considering that 100-more people received the same one... )

  Now, I use DreamWeaver UltraDev 4.01 for most everything, Except the ASP work, I hand code it, and Notepad, and also CuteHTML as well.
My own editor, is a big joker to load, so it only gets loaded when I need something special done.

  The sites that I am building now, are right similuar to that of the Old-Microsoft Main Site, and Knowledge Base.
Plus I am designing a few Programer Resource Sites.
Plus designing a site for Kids as well.
Basically, I am working on development, of my very own community like Yahoo! has. But hopefully one day,,, Better

Take care, and have a good night and a great day at school tomorrow

jujujulesAuthor Commented:
WOW!! Your my hero!!!  *sigh*    LOL
Would love to doing what you are.
And wish I were still in school!
sleep tight kiddo
Wayne BarronAuthor, Web DeveloperCommented:
hero *blush*
   When I first started in doing the .ASP programming, it was scary.
But after I got learned about what did what, It is fairly simple.
The only thing is that I am not that good at writing my own code.
So I do ALOT of searching over the Internet, and do some posting here as well.
   ASP is probably the easiest one to learn out of CGI/Perl & PHP.
But them 2 are excellent languages as well.

  My best friend is going to be my first real student in teaching.
Plus my "son" as well, he is 11yrs young. And has already started on his first page. Which is about out Bird. But he really wants to make sites dedicated to his favorite 80's Hair Metal Bands, (Yes Daddy loves the 80's music) so he wants me to teach him to do what I do. So once I get his computer built, I am going to write him the same tutorials that I am going to give my best friend, and let him have at it.
He tells everyone that he is the "Vice President" of our company.
So i told him, the only way that he will be able to be the VP. is if he learns how to build websites, and studies and makes good grades in school, and takes Business when he gets into Jr. & High School.
He is ready and willing, so we will see.

[Kiddo] :-)
Thanks I needed that...  I am 33 will be 34 here in February.

Take Care
Sleep Tight.

jujujulesAuthor Commented:
Ha! you are a kiddo! I got 10 on ya!
Better watch that kid, he'll be bootin for the presidency ya don't watch out!
O NO....The eighty's music.....Lets see Tesla, Warrant, of course Arrowsmith, Squier, or are ya more alternative. Hey we still got it. I'm onto puddle of mudd and nine inch nails and all about Fuel .....
Wayne BarronAuthor, Web DeveloperCommented:
Not alternative. Never been that much into that type of music, some if good, but I am more into the 80's Hair Metal Bands.
That I enjoy, and love.
BIG KISS Fans. I have taken my son to "5" KISS Shows here in NC. And I have seen then 8 times myself, plus many other bands. So my son is trying to beat me on concerts. I told him it will never happen, unless he started liking something that I do not care for, and go to see them, then maybe he will come close.

We also are starting a Promotions business. To help find new talent, Their is a recoding studio in the town I live in, I have already sent them "1" act, the band broke up before they finished their first song. A waste of my time and the studio's time, So I am going to do like they did in the 80's from now on, Id the band is serious, they have to prove it to me first, before I will waste any more time and resources.

  Well, going to get back to work on the User-Profile part of the Programmers site that I am working on. Atleast get that up and running this evening.
Running out of time, New Years Eve is just right around the corner, and I have my Primary site, and this programmers site that have to go LIVE on New years Eve.
Wish me luck.

Also. On the problem with the computer.
If you follow the directions I gave you, you should not have a problem. I have to do a customers computer 2 yrs ago, that had the same problem, and I did it exactly as I described above. Worked like a charm.

Take Care
Get some sleep.

jujujulesAuthor Commented:
OK!! It rebooted from the cd but guess wants the NT version I have 2000....what now? Another disk? or how do I get this one off to put 2000 on?
Wayne BarronAuthor, Web DeveloperCommented:
its windows 2000

   Windows 2000 is NT.
Are you sure that the CD that you have is "Windows 2000" ?

Windows 2000 did not come in a "Windows Base"
It is a "NT Kernal" Base Operating System.

What CD Do your have?
If it is a Windows 2000 CD, and it is not wanting to boot
Properly, then the CD is no good.
jujujulesAuthor Commented:
OK OK! I have the recovery console.....couldn't see an option to chose upgrade.....I'm at c/winnt
jujujulesAuthor Commented:
LOL Im sorry Im excited! will try to calm down and write everything down
Wayne BarronAuthor, Web DeveloperCommented:
If the system will boot from the "Win2k CD"
you will see the system loading drivers from the CD.
Once the Drivers are loaded, it will display, Something like:
Starting Windows 2000 installation.

There will be a "License Agreement" Press F8 to accept.
The next window will give you the option to do either:

To do a "Repair" ( Upgrade will only be available once you get back to your Windows Desktop )
Choose the Repair Option. ( Receovery )
Follow all instructions, Since you do not have a Recovery Disk.
Choose to use CD for the Recovery.

Let the Recovery handle everything.
If you are ask to replace any files.

Once the Recovery is complete.
Then reboot, Remove CD.
Then try to boot into Windows.
If you are able to get onto your Desktop.
Do a Backup of all important files.
THEN Reload the Operating System.
Insert the Windows 2000 CD.
And while on your desktop.
Let the CD Launch, and then do the following:

When CD Lanches choose
Install Windows
(Next Screen) Upgrade (Recommended)
(Next Screen) Type in the CD Code
(Next Screen) CD Loads System Files
(Next Screen) Ask if you want to [Reboot]
Choose yes.
Leave the CD in the drive, and let it do its work.
You will be ask on the way to choose
Time | Country | and so forth.
Other then that, it is as easy as cooking Thanksgiving Dinner.
Of which I will be doing this year for the 2nd year in a row.

Let me know how it all goes.

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jujujulesAuthor Commented:
I get to the console, get to wnnt and ......Tell it to do what? read the cd?
jujujulesAuthor Commented:
it says sometimes there's no cd
Wayne BarronAuthor, Web DeveloperCommented:
Getting tired. Sleepy.

   In Recovery Console. You will be given an option:
Manual Repair or Fast Repair

Manual Repair will allow you to :Choose: the options that you want to repair.

Fast Repair will choose all the options on its own and repair.

Since you are having problems with your system registry.
It will repair them on its own.
The only problem with this is what it will put it back to its original configuration.
I have not done a Recovery Console in so long, that I forgot exactly what it does. And IF you retain your data or loose it.? So this is something that you are just going to have to try and see if you can get it back to working.
If you have Multiple partitions, and all program reside on the other partitions, then you will only loose data in C:\ Drive, and not in the other partitions.

But as mentioned above, I am not really sure on what all is lost.

Read this article for more information

I am fixing to go to bed, been up programming for the last 19hrs.
time to get my 5hrs worth of sleep, and then back at it again.

I will check back in, in the morning to see what you have accomplished.

jujujulesAuthor Commented:
I don't know what to write in the recovery console, will try the manual repair tonite with instructions in the article TY!
jujujulesAuthor Commented:
TY for your help. It's asking for the the Windows 95, 98 version....sos I guess it's really screwed. Will get one in a week or so, things should run smoothly to reinstall then. Appreciate all the time you put in. Good to me you too. I'm at with my login. Love to hear from ya.
Wayne BarronAuthor, Web DeveloperCommented:
If it is asking for the Win95, 98 CD's then the Win2k CD that you have is an Upgrade.
If you have one of them CD's around, simply put it in at the time that it ask for it.
Then it will ask for the Win2k CD back again soon their after.

I Will keep a hold of your e-mail address.

Take Care and Have a wonderful Thanksgiving Holiday.
I am cooking Thanksgiving for my son and I this year.
The first time I fixed it, I was told that everyone enjoyed it more then.
My mother's that particular year ;-)
So hopefully it will turn out as good this year.
"Yes, I love to cook"

Take Care
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Windows 2000

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