problem about access and blob field

I want to ask you about a problem between MSAccess and delphi5.
I have a table that contains a blob field and if i put the values of this field, i have this error:

" Handle de BLOB incorrect dans le tampon d'enregistrement"

i use a delphi5 in french version

there is the code containing an error
Table_z_retard.FieldValues['note']:= Table_z_facture_sel.Fields['note'].Value;

the type of these 2 fields are: memo

please help me if you can. thank you very much and if possible give me an example or similar code.

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try following

var m : TMemoryStream;
  m := tmemorystream.Create;
    m.position := 0;

meikl ;-)

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missed the notifiers, (too much notifiers from Dan for reviewing all)
 but my solution IS a VERIFIED working solution!
well, the PE of this topic am i self ;-)

my opinion is to move the graded answer to my comment above,
a points move is not needed
The Asker's history consists only of abandoned Qs, so we can't tell much from that -- in this case, it is entirely possible that kretzschmar's comment solved the problem, even without specific verification of the Asker.  

I have no objection to moving the Q into kretzschmar's "Answered" column.  If he had responded to the original ping, I would surely have recommended that the points go to him, too.

-- Dan
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