Booting from CD on COMPAQ Presario 6000 series desktop

I'm trying to install Windows 2000 on my COMPAQ Presario 6000, but it will not allow me to boot from CD.

My hard disk is formatted.
The BIOS boot order is set to CD, Floppy and then Hard Disk.
It even states that it is attempting to boot from CD-ROM drive, but I just get an invalid system disk message.

I have Windows 2000, Win XP Home and Win XP Pro CD's and none of them will boot on this machine.

I have went through every setting in the BIOS setup and have tried pressing a number of different keys during boot. No good.

What is the secret with COMPAQs and booting from CD?

Is my BIOS corrupted or is it some secret COMPAQ handshake that I'm not doing right?

Please help,
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Hi tilacakr,
Secret handshake .... =) ... No, it sounds like you have a CDROM issue. Just use  a windows 98 bootdisk. Then, if you cdrom drive is E: do
cd i386

If this does not work then you have a CDROM problem.


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Get a bootdisk from .  Just get the standard Windows 98SE OEM boot disk and use that one.

(if you didn't know where to get a bootdisk).
in the boot order, disable booting from hard disk, so that you only have the CD and floppy in the boot order
tilacakrAuthor Commented:
Thanks for the quick replies.

I can say that I can boot from a Win98 floppy w/CD-ROM support. When I tried to to run Win 2000 setup from the prompt I received an error message stating that setup could not be run from DOS.

I was also able to use my Win 2000 install CD to make a WIN 2000 boot disk, and the system booted to it, but it immediately went into setup mode and bombed out 7% of the way into setup stating that it had problems loading ntkrnl.exe (I maybe a little off on the file name).

The only suggestion I have not tried is NetworkArchitek's of going to the i386 directory and running winnt.exe.

Question: Can I install Win98 and then run the install for Win 2000 full from Win98?

Thanks again,

I would agree with NetworkArchitek. His solution should work fine. When you recieved the " setup could not be run from DOS." error, what commands were you using to run setup? Winnt.exe should work (winnt32.exe is for use in windows)
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