Time out on form - automatically close a form if no activity

I have a load of users that leave an inputting screen open, rather than close it and return to the front form.

Is it possible (!) to have a timer running on the open form that checks to see if a certain field is null, say every 3 minutes, and if it is null will force that form to close - maybe even ignorning any errors that might occur as a result of forcing a form to close, such as part completing a record..?  Not bothered about keeping changes to a part-completed record.


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you can use the OnTimer event of the form and set the interval to 3 minutes

LapchienDirectorAuthor Commented:
yes - but what would the code be to check if a field is null, something like

if isnull (me.myfield) then

drop anything input on the form (don't know the code for this)




What is the timer interval for 3 minutes?
actually, what i would do is first to save the record with the code Me.Refresh (and use an error handler with "resume next" to catch any errors), then close the form with this code

  DoCmd.Close acForm, "MyForm", acSaveNo

(this ignores all design changes, if any were done; sometimes access thinks someone has changed the design even though this wasn't really the case, probably when filters are set or similar).

ok, before you do the refresh (i mentioned before) you should do the null check:

sub form_ontimer

  on error goto err_handler

  if isnull ( me.myfield ) then
    me.myfield = "default value"
  end if


  DoCmd.Close acForm, "MyForm", acSaveNo

    resume next

end sub

the timer interval must be given in milliseconds, so it's 180000  (3min x 60secs x 1000) for 3 minutes.


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