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Hi there, been searching the net on this for ages but can't seem to find anything, hopefully one of you guys can help me.

I am writing a programme to intercept faxes as they come in, read them using an ocr, then put them nito a database, unfortunately this is not currently possible as the modem I am using only accepts incomign faxes at 200dpi. My question therefore is, is there any modem out there that works at a higher resolution? I am looking for something at least 400dpi, preferably 600dpi.


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Is this really a modem problem - the modem doesn't "know" what is inside the data flow, does it?
The fax standard uses a fixed 203 DPI horizontally for all resolutions. Changing resolutions will only affect the vertical DPI, which also don't go above 200 DPI. Since the sending side decides the resolution, the modem really can't do anything against it. There are some out-of-standard fax machines that can do up to 300 or even 400 DPI horizontally (mostly for color faxes), but these can be achieved between two, same brand fax machines due to the out of standard state. And only the more expensive faxes support such out of standard high resolutions.
If you are planning to use this communication with one or a few fax machines, then tell us their types and we can help further. (In this case you will have to set those faxes - or notify their owners - to send in higher resolutions) But if you want to develop a general project, that will receive faxes from anywhere, then forget going above 200 DPI.

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jward1980Author Commented:
Ah well, thanks anyway, back to the drawing board I guess :)
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