OverFlow problem


I have this code;

Dim MyVal As Long

MyVall = MyVal + (b * (n And &HFF))       '2147481230 + 20202
MyVal = MyVal And &HFFFF

MyVal = 2147481230
b = 111
n = 307382

When it tries to add MyVal to b,n, it produces an overflow.  So I changed the data type to variant but then it had the overflow on the AND part of the code.

Any ideas how I can get around this?
many thanks
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Hi TJ_Eng,

You produce an overflow because Long is a signed value and the result of your equations gets larger than 0x7FFF FFFF (max. positive number).

If you define MyVal as Variant VB automatically uses Variant / Double instead of overflowing which cannot be used together with logical operators (And).

You could use another variable for saving the most significant unsigned bit of myval; perform your operation and logically add that bit again. This solution is valid if you only plan to perform hex operations (and, or, not, xor) afterwards (you get a negative decimal number):

Dim Msb as long

Msb = MyVal And &H40000000
MyVal = MyVal and not &H40000000

' Perform your operations
' ...

if (MyVal And &H40000000) And Msb then
    if (MyVal And &HC0000000) = &HC0000000 Then
        ' Error: still an overflow
        MyVal = MyVal Or &H80000000
    End If
    MyVal = MyVal or Msb
end if

Best regards,

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