Cant join 2 Windows 2003 Enterprise Servers to existing domain

We currently have 5 servers, all with Windows 2003:

1 x Windows 2003 Standard edition as a network load balancing machine and also acts as the PDC
2 x Windows 2003 Standard edition as web servers which are load balanced by the above
2 x Windows 2003 Enterprise edition as SQL boxes. Both are attached to a shared storage array

I successfully set up the managed, load balanced machine as the PDC and also set up DNS successfully (I think - I have heard that this is the main cause of domain connection issues).

All machines are connected to a HP 2425 switch, with private connections between the load balancing machine and 2 web servers through a second switch (HP 2325) for the purpose of load balancing. The 2 SQL boxes are also connected to each other directly for the heartbeat.

I managed to add both the web boxes to the domain with no problem, but both of the SQL boxes are having problems. When the domain name is entered, it returns an error that a domain with the name specified could not be found. I have triple checked TCP/IP settings on both boxes, both connections and also verified that the switch/cables are working OK. I have also checked that the PDC has its DNS server address as its own

I am at a loss here and the problem is, I need to get this fixed today at some point. I'm sure there is something I have missed or maybe an Enterprise server cannot connect to a domain which has the PDC as a Standard edition?

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Chris DentPowerShell DeveloperCommented:

Just to confirm, the servers you're trying to add also use the Internal DNS? And when you try and join you use the full domain name (like rather than just mydomain)?

There aren't any restrictions that should prevent them joining the domain.
5t34lth_G33kAuthor Commented:
Yes - they have the primary DNS set to the PDC address and the secondary to our ISP's. I have tried using the Netbios name and also the FQDN, neither works. I have just tried pinging from one of SQL boxes - it can ping the other SQL box on the heartbeat connection, but nothing else on the public connection. I have tried swapping the cables around (for fear I had mistakenly plugged one of the cables into the ILO port!) - both NICS are fine, just cant ping from the public NIC, whichever that may be.
Chris DentPowerShell DeveloperCommented:

In the IP information for the Hearbeat conncetion, is there a Default Gateway defined?

Is the public connection on the same IP Range as the rest of your private network?

Can you ping by IP Address?

Getting ping working is more important, but you also might want to remove the ISPs DNS entry - your own DNS Server should be capable of forwarding requests to there (or performing root lookups) for addresses it doesn't know.

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5t34lth_G33kAuthor Commented:

Just checked the IP configuration again on the managed server - it seems as if the public and private NIC got mixed up (by me?? nahhh....!) so the web servers were able to connect to the domain via the private connection and not the public connection, which is the only connection available to the SQl boxes.

I'm awarding you the points for being first on the scene, and for being a general helpful fella!

Chris DentPowerShell DeveloperCommented:

Glad you got it working and thankyou for the points :)
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