Using HTTP GET in Java


I'm desperately trying to use HTTP GET method to send data to another server (sadly this server only takes GET not POST). So, I use HttpURLConnection with the setRequestMethod("GET"). But, i still get a POST method instead  of a GET. This is my code,


            try {
URLConnection connection = null;
                  preregResults = new URL(url);
                  connection = preregResults.openConnection();
                  HttpURLConnection conn = (HttpURLConnection) connection;
                  out = new PrintStream(conn.getOutputStream());

                  System.out.println("requestMethod=" + conn.getRequestMethod());

                              + "dummyfield="
                              + URLEncoder.encode("empty", "ISO-8859-1")
                              + "&username="
                              + URLEncoder.encode(username, "ISO-8859-1")
                              + "&password="
                              + URLEncoder.encode(password, "ISO-8859-1")
                              + "&price_code="
                              + URLEncoder.encode("0030"/* fourDigitCharge */,
+ "&detail="
+ URLEncoder.encode(text, "ISO-8859-1")
                              + "&type="
                              + URLEncoder.encode(String.valueOf(contentType),
                              + "&to="
                              + URLEncoder.encode("+" + receiverNumber, "ISO-8859-1")
                              + "&sender="
                              + URLEncoder.encode("+" + receiverNumber, "ISO-8859-1")
                              + "&telco="
                              + URLEncoder.encode(telcoPrefix, "ISO-8859-1")
                              + "&service_id="
                              + URLEncoder
                                          .encode(String.valueOf(serviceId), "ISO-8859-1")
                              + "&keyword="
                              + URLEncoder.encode(serviceKeyword, "ISO-8859-1")
                              + "&short_code="
                              + URLEncoder
                                          .encode(String.valueOf(shortCode), "ISO-8859-1")
                              + "&dummy=" + URLEncoder.encode("empty", "ISO-8859-1"));



I know that,
conn.setDoOutput(true) makes the method to POST.

But, shouldn't,
conn.setRequestMethod("GET"), change it back to GET?

I'm desperate for an answer. Please help.


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>      conn.setDoOutput(true);

that should be false
you need to pass the parameters in the url for GET
> conn.setDoOutput(true) makes the method to POST.

I am not sure if this is correct. The above method indicates that we want to use the connection for input and output as well.

Do you get any error messages? How do you know that is is a POST instead of a GET?

GET has a limit. You are trying to send too much data with the GET request. I will make a wild assumption, maybe the server cannot handle it and then it converts it to a POST automatically?

Try to send less parameters and see what happens?
why don't u just do this

url += dummyfield= + URLEncoder.encode("empty", "ISO-8859-1") + ... + ...+

URLConnection connection = null;
               preregResults = new URL(url);
               connection = preregResults.openConnection();

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mwhcAuthor Commented:
>Do you get any error messages? How do you know that is is a POST instead of a GET?
I do this,

System.out.println("requestMethod=" + conn.getRequestMethod());

and i get a requestMethod=POST.

Yeah, i know that GET has limitation. Tell that to the other server guy. They insisted on GET! :P

ok, petmagdy

I'll try that. I'll be back...

> why don't u just do this
> url += dummyfield= + URLEncoder.encode("empty", "ISO-8859-1") + ... + ...+

thats whatbi was referring to in my comment.
you have no choice you have to pass the params like that for a post
+ send no output

mwhcAuthor Commented:
Yeah!! It worked. Thanks to,

 petmagdy and objects....too bad i cant let you guys share the points..

again, thanks men!

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