Indy: closing a connection on servers when all connectiosn closed, and timeouts

     Hopefully two not too hard questions. I have the latest stable version of Indy. I am probably just looking at the wrong properties.

1) how do I set timeouts on servers, so that if there is no data flowing, the connection is closed after x amount of time.
2) How do I test to see if there are any live connections to the servers, and if there are not, then stop the server.

ftpserver.Threads.LockList.Count = 0
appears to work well the first time I  check it, but then I set up a timer, then inside the timer I call

if ftps then begin
    if  and (ftpserver.Threads.LockList.Count = 0) then begin //the program dies here
      ftpserver.Active := false;
        ftps := false;
      end else good := false;
    good := false;

I have an antifreeze component on the form, and the problem happens both when I run from within the IDE and externally.

when the program dies, it appears to be running, I can not trace into the line.

Thanks in advance
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Hi Molando,

1 ) You can define thread's timeouts from the server by assigning some value to the connection's ReadTimeOut property.

procedure TForm1.IdFTPServer1Connect(AThread: TIdPeerThread);
  AThread.Connection.ReadTimeOut := 10;

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MolandoAuthor Commented:
As nobody can answer my question about connection counting, assigning all points to answer about timeouts.
You can know the connection count by yourself. You just need to implement your own connection list. Please take a look at the Indy's "Chat" demo. This is a good example for you to learn what you need to do. Basically, you just need to add a new item to your own list in TIdFTPServer's OnConnect. Then remove it in OnDisconnect. That's all.

If you don't have Indy demos, you can download it from


Oktay Sancak
MolandoAuthor Commented:
This is what I found out:
  l : Tlist;
  NumberOfConnections : integer;

  l := ftpserver.ActiveThreads.locklist;
  numberofconnections := l.count;

A bit of an odd way to do things, but no more weird 'freezing' now.

I'm happy to hear that your problem solved :)
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