ORA-01157: Cannot identify/lock data file 203 & ORA-01110:datafile 203:'..../dbs/TS_TEMP'


Working Oracle 9 & Linux Red Hat. I cannot access any TEM partitions & the above error are  displayed.

At the same time the SYSTEM ROLLBACK statements display a new extension with a size of 0 bytes & I do not know
how to modify such value as an error ORA-30019 is displayed when I tried to modify it.

I also did a shutdown immediate  & and then a RESTART but the same error still happens.

Can you give me any advise?




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What is the exact version of Oracle 9 that you are using?

Also what are the exact (and full) error messages?

Is there any additional information in the alert log?

This sounds like it might be similar to a bug I ran into earlier this year with a tablespace (TEMP or otherwise) that extends over certain size boundries.


egomezeAuthor Commented:

Database Version   with LINUX RED HAT         : Oracle9i Enterprise Edition Release

Detailed Errors Description:
There are several error messages for instance logging in as system/manager and trying to display the TABLE PARTITIONS
running the TOAD tool it displays:
ORA-01157: no se puede identificar/bloquear el archivo de datos 203 - consulte el archivo de rastreo del DBWR
ORA-01110: archivo de datos 203: '/oracle/app/oracle/product/9.2.0/dbs/TS_tec_temp'.

Other Table Partitions seems to be OK.

If i try to see (with TOAD)  the SYSTEM ROLLBACK SEGMENTS

Status,                                                    ONLINE
Owner                                                     SYS
Tablespace,                                             SYSTEM
Segment Id,                                             0
Block Number,                                          9
Initial Extent,                                            114688
 Next Extent,                                             0
 Min Extents,                                             1
 Max Extents,                                            32765
 Pct Increase of Next Extent,                       0
 Parallel Server Instance,                           0
 Datafile name                                          /usr1/system/.......System01.dbf

So it seems to me that NEXT EXTENSION has a size o 0 bytes and I do not know how to change that.

Regarding the ALERT.LOG file I am not sure If I Am displaying the right one (sorry) :
The file /oracle/product/9.2.0/rdbms/log/alert_BBDD01.log  is NOT DISPLAYING any errors.


If this is a TEMPORARY tablespace then using OEM
create anothet TEMP tablespace TEMP1, making it default temporary
and after that drop the current one.

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