connection status or wlan signal strength on pocket pc using evb ?

In the application I am programming using evb,  I want to see if the pocket pc is connected to the wlan. And it would be great if it's possible to get the signal strength of the wlan connetion (similar to the icon in the upper right corner in windows pocketpc 2002 that shows the connection status, when you click on it, it show green bars).

I know its possible to get battery status (power status) in percent using API, and it should be able to do someting similar for the wlan connectivity.

Any ideas or code examples ?
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checooConnect With a Mentor Commented:

Evb can just tell if its connected or not
brutu_zAuthor Commented:
ok, let's say I decide to use

How do I get the current wlan signal strength using then ?
brutu_zAuthor Commented:
Ok, Tanx!

I did download the OpenCF lib and after a while I finally got the VB.NET compact framework application on my pocketPC to show the wifi signalstrength.
It would have been easier with some code examples to look at, but I found some additonal information on some other Internet-forums.

The points are your cheeco,

See ya!
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