Can't find C:/ from DOS 6.22

Hello all, I am having trouble finding my c: drive in MS DOS 6.22.  I burned a copy of DOS to CD from the Bootdisk website.  MS DOS starts up but is says C: is an invalid specification.  The PC does recognise my hard drive in the BIOS, and it even boots up from C: to windows if I select this.  My hard drive is SATA, can DOS recognise this ???  Perhaps I have the worg version of DOS, dos anyone have the latest bootable verison of DOS??


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Sajen JoseCommented:
Did we use the MS-DOS installation, or did u just copy the files on the hard disk, because my understanding is that certain files like the IO.sys, etc should reside in the boot sector...

Also which format do we have the hard drive in.. NTFS etc will not be recognized.... :-)

Sajen Jose

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Also, MS-DOS 6.22 can only see and/or use 504mb of hard drive.  I don't think MS-DOS 6.22 would even see a SATA drive.
manhoodoAuthor Commented:
I just made a bootable disk using Nero, and copied the floppy disk files onto it.  I am not sure about file type will check....

I have just tried using NTFS boot software (NTFS.COM) and my hard drive ahs been recongnised.  I should now be able to format disk from here.  Lets see...

any thoughts??

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