How do I Digitally Sign my *.CAB File (Created by VB 6.0 Deployment Wizard)? = 500 Points!

I created a DHTML Project in VB 6.0. I have made a reference to the MSFLEXGrid Control.

When packaging my Project, VB's Package and Deployment Wizard created a *.CAB File and some *.HTML Pages. I then deployed this to my Web Server.

When connecting to the server from a client machine the page loads but certain controls on the HTML Page do not download from the server. I can image that this is because the client does not download the *.CAB File.

What Am I looking for:
- A step by step instruction list on how do I get the client to download the *.CAB File (hopefully making my Web Site work)

PLEASE... NO LINKS unless it tells me exactly what to do (I.E. Download this software from this link... Etc)

A speedy response is required

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You'll need to get certificates from a "Certification Authority" for signing. If you previously acquired one for signing Netscape objects, you have to get a different one for signing Microsoft CAB files.

One such Authority, possibly the best known [but most expensive] is Verisign. They have more information at

Of course, you can always self-certify, but who's going to trust you?

Microsoft's "Description of Digital Certificates" is located at;en-us;195724

It says:

How a Certificate Is Issued

1. Key Generation: The individual requesting certification (the applicant, not the CA) generates key pairs of public and private keys.  

2. Matching of Policy Information: The applicant packages the additional information necessary for the CA to issue the certificate (such as proof of identity, tax ID number, e-mail address, and so on). The precise definition of this information is up to the CA.  

3. Sending of Public Keys and Information: The applicant sends the public keys and information (often encrypted using the CA's public key) to the CA.  

4. Verification of Information: The CA applies whatever policy rules it requires in order to verify that the applicant should receive a certificate.  

5. Certificate Creation: The CA creates a digital document with the appropriate information (public keys, expiration date, and other data) and signs it using the CA's private key.  

6. Sending/Posting of Certificate: The CA may send the certificate to the applicant, or post it publicly as appropriate.  

7. The certificate is loaded onto an individual's computer.

You can then use the certificate to sign your code.

The exact process of generating the keys and installing the certificate will depend on your development environment.

hope this helps,

abbeygroupAuthor Commented:
Hi Frugle

What I forgot to mention is that my DHMTL Project is going to act as an Intranet Site.

How do I self-certify my *.CAB File?
Good reading, and a step by step guide is already published online:

You can also see for enabling clients to use the signed code.

You will need to deploy the test certificate to each client - if you have Active Directory running I believe you can implement it at domain level with a group policy. Been a while since I dabbled in MS stuff.


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