using fstream to save files does not save "\r" and "\n"

i'm trying to write a program thats similar to a notepad
when i save a string with characters such as "\r" and "\n" somehow it will get ignored, like if i save a string like this "abcde\rfg", when i view it with notepad it will apear as just abcdefg and not 2 lines
can anyone help me out?

fstream thefile;"OurText.txt", ios::out | ios::binary);
char abc[] = "adsw21\nadwjdaw";

thefile << abc;
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The concept of end-of-line is rather loosely defined in the Windows world.  
Traditionally it's CR-LF  "\r\n", but with all the C code getting ported, there's the compatability kludge in the i/o library that if you open the file in non-binary mode the read/write code does the mapping for you.  So try opening the file in text mode and the \n's will get converted (usually).


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I don't agree that end-of-line is loosely defined. For DOS/Windows based PCs it is "\r\n"! Several editors can open files and if tehy seem to be text they automatically translate single '\r' or '\n' encountered to end-of-line chars. So either go with grg99's comment and write text files or assure that you use "\r\n" on windows as end-of-line marker.
Sorry wanted to add that Notepad is not one of those smart editors so it won't recognize '\r' as line termination.
madonion87Author Commented:
yea got it
this is me testing for another problem though, will post in another question
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