opinions about a router

I made a network from 5 pc's to share the internet connection and used a software called winproxy to share the internet connection but the problem is that the internet is very slow on the client pc's , it takes more than 5 minutes to open a single page .

i decided to go for a router cause some people here said that it's better than using a proxy software , but the problem is that i don't know much about the routers , i found a router which called  D-Link DI-707P Ethernet Broadband Router With Print Server , it's on this link http://www.amazon.com/exec/obidos/ASIN/B000086TLC/ref=nosim/7240353-20/102-8331633-1784146

i want to know if it's hard to configure this device because i know nothing about it , should i only connect the cables to it and it will do the rest?

please help me as much as you can , also if this router is not good for my home network please recommend me another one .

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Hi Tariqalsada,
The router should be fine as long as you have a DSL or cable connection. If you have ADSL then you will need a specific ADSL route.

They are generally very easy to setup. Just configure your network card to obtain everything automatically and then connect to the web interface of the route and cnfigure it with your IP and/or your ISP's account information as appropiate.

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Routers like these are typically configured to provide IP addresses to your PCs automatically using the DHCP protocol, and they usually have fairly straight forward configurations.  As you've already set up your network using WinProxy, you'll probably want to turn that service off and run all the PCs networked together into the router.

On the public (WAN) side of your router, the router should be ready to connect to your DSL- or Cable-modem and run.  The only issue you might run into is if you have a static (non-changing) IP address from your ISP.  If it is unable to find the public IP, you may end up needing to configure the router's WAN settings.  The web interface on most of these devices are again fairly simple to work with and shouldn't create any problems.

With the 5 PCs you have, you've got the right model, as it also has 7 ports, so you can add a couple more systems if you want.  So, for example, if you end up getting the DI-704P, which only has four LAN ports, you would need to get a network hub or switch in order to connect all your PCs at the same time.

You might want to have a look at the Netgear product line, too.  I've worked with their equipment a lot and have consistently been very satisfied.

Nothing wrong with what grblades posted, just thought I'd add some additional input.

How you set up your router really depends on what ISP you have...the exact setup varies by different DSL and Cable companies. Here is a link that should help you with  most scenarios.
Though the site is meant for Linsys routers, the concept is the same throughout.

As far as choosing a router...check out this link for help!
This site, practicallynetworked.com is a great resource. The above link will provide "preacticallynetworked.com's recommended routers" sorted by price to leave the wireless routers at the end. Personally, I've had a lot of good results with D-Link, but Linksys is also an excellent brand.

hope this helps.
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I had a dI-704P (Went to wireless)
but the d-lionk is fairly self configuring, and the instructions are easy to follow
you use a web browser to
and configure it from there, peice of cake
has a built in firewall, and you can forward ports if needed for web server, games, etc
TariqalsadaAuthor Commented:
someone said that this kind of router may not support playing playstation games online , and about the connection , i have an adsl connection , but the problem is that my adsl modem only has a phone line port but no rj45 port , what can i do?

i want to guarantee the internet speed on all the pc's and i will do everything to achieve that .
If you have ADSL you will have to buy a specific ADSL router which will plug directly into the telephone socket.
Here is an example of an ADSL router:-
>>but the problem is that my adsl modem only has a phone line port but no rj45 port
how does it connect to the PC?
TariqalsadaAuthor Commented:
it's connected through USB
That really limits your choices for routers. Not being an ADSL customer myself, I wonder if it would be worth replacing your ADSL modem so that you can be more flexible in what router you choose.
okey good,

Router does not increase the bandwidths(Internet speed).....
well, as u have 5 systems , depend on the type of connection u use the internet speeds depend....
look if there is no water its waste how big is the pipe.

Any have If u have a DSL or Other connection with good Internet speeds then u can buy a LINKSYS router.

Most of them use this...easy to configure........ it automatically assins ips to all the systems..........many more options........most user friendly..........

All The best...............
Get a decent ADSL modem that has an ethernet interface OR a router/ADSL modem combo box for easiest configuration of your home network.

Home routers are typically configured through a user-friendly web interface and they usually come with some kind of intial setup instructions, so this setup is not too scary. But go ethernet for stability and flexibility...
TariqalsadaAuthor Commented:
ok , so you all guys recommend me to replace my current modem with a modem that can accept rj49 connection? or using an adsl modem that have router featurs .

my internet speed is 1.2 mbps , so what do you think?

I would recomend the netgear router/modem combination.
TariqalsadaAuthor Commented:
are you using it? and will it guarantee that all the pc's will have a fast internet speed? also will it work with the pc games that require an internet connection to work?

I have a Linksys router myself but I have a Cable connection rather than ADSL so mine is a different type of router.

For games you will need to allow through particular ports or use the UPNP feature if the game supports it.
Alternativly when you want to play a game you can enable the 'DMZ' feature of the router which will send everything which is not a reply to another machines request to a specific machine. This should get all games working but you loose the firewall feature of the router with this feature enabled.

It wont slow down your internet connection itself (the router should be able to cope with more than 8 mbps) but it will oviously slow down if all machines are using it or downloading files as you will just get your fair share of the bandwidth.
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