Auto Open Acrobat File Upon Inserting Cd

Anyone know how to make an Acrobat File copied to a CD open upon inserting the CD?
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You could try using a program called "AutoView"  which

or here:

From their web page:

"AutoView is an Autorun program for use on CD/ CDR. This software is designed to add convenience and professionalism to the CDs you create by having them automatically launch a selected file after CD insertion. AutoView comes with a short wizard to create the Autorun program for your CDs. Simply copy the files the wizard creates to your CD, along with your own files, and your done. Its that simple!

AutoView can be used to open any file type in the user’s designated viewer. If no recognized viewer is found for the specified document then the software can prompt the User with a list of installable viewers (from the CD). For example, when creating an Autorun CD with a HTML interface, where the CD's contents are browsed via web pages in the User's browser, AutoView can be set to Autorun the index page. In the event the User does not have a browser installed on their system, AutoView will detect this. If the CD author opted to provide a number of browser installation files on the CD, AutoView will provide the User the option to install the browser of their choice.

Other cases where installable viewers may be useful are Adobe Acrobat libraries (PDF), ZIP archive CDs, MS PowerPoint presentation CDs, formatted text documents, the list goes on..."
Hi csbmrdd :-),
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csbmrddAuthor Commented:
Autoview program would cost too much for this project but thanks anyway.
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The trial version is fully functional with nag messages that appear. It can still be used if you need it for 1 small project.
csbmrddAuthor Commented:
Really appreciate the feedback. Trying to get a long term solution.

This program may be what you're looking for, it does state in the description below - "New auto-open PDF when conversion is done."

  : Aldo's Text-PDF Pro+ 1.3a  
 Posted on Monday, July 15 @ 05:38:21 MST  
 Text-PDF Pro+Small and fast tool that converts text and image files to PDF without having to use Adobe Acrobat Distiller. Converted files can be opened with Acrobat Reader 5.0. Support plain text, HTML-like syntax for formatted text and image files (JPG, GIF, BMP, RLE, WMF, EMF, ICO).

Process a single file, multiple text files in a directory or create a single PDF album with image files in a directory. Command line support and ActiveX DLL interface.

New in version 1.3:

Create a single PDF album with multiple image files from a Windows folder.
Support for multiple images embeded in a single or multiple pages. Very useful for logos, lines and other document formating using an HTML-like syntax.
Multiple font types, bold, italic, size, color in a single line using a HTML-like syntax.
24 predefined colors and support for 16 millions text colors using HTML font color syntax.
More available fonts: Arial, Courier, Courier New, Helvetica, Times
Conversion parameters are retained between sessions.
New default button restore default parameters.
New auto-open PDF when conversion is done.
Page number is now option.
Also available as ActiveX DLL for use in ASP, Visual Basic, C++, Delphi and any language that supports COM objects
Use wildcards to process all files in a directory.
Click on Input/Output file label to open the file.
More info and download.
 Hope this helps!
Hi csbmrdd,

If the targeted PC have an Acrobat Reader installed, then you just laungh the file name, and it will be ok. Here is a sample AUTORUN.INF I created for you.

This example assumes that your PDF file is in a folder called PDF in your CD-ROM's root directory, and an icon named project.ico is place in the root.


I personnaly think, that you wouldn't need a special software for that to be done. May be, if you know how to code, you could create a little program that checks for presence of Adobe Acrobat Reader in the targeted PC, and installs it if there is none. That could be done usiong the registry check tool (regedit.exe).

Good luck,


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