Windows App + Webservice

Hi Experts,

I build a windows application which is linked to a webservice.
My app is distributed over the net to anyone.
I wanted to know if it's possible to be sure that the app I developped is using my webservice and not another (hacked one for instance) ?

Thanks in advance for your answers.

(I've read lots of docs about webservices: autentication,... but I can't find an answer to my question)
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Hmmm.... If you use the security token that DotNET provides that gaurantees (as best as it can) that the token is from where it sais it is... Basically the token is an encrypted hash that has information about the machine it came from so that when it is decrypted if it was intercepted and altered the decrypted will throw an exception (as I understand).  You can also add information to this enrypted security token from your web service and your applications and have each check for that information...  Here are a couple of sites you can check out for more inofrmation...

nouloukAuthor Commented:
Well thanks HTH, I know those features and I'm not really satisfy.
I think it's less easy to hack, but possible.
In fact, the best way is when I update my windows app, I stop my old webservice (old versions of my app can't work) and create a new webservice for my last version.
Do you think this is realistic or could you give me your opinion or another idea ?
HTH = Hope This Helps ;-)

To start I do not believe that you can make an application/web site/computer impossible to hack as long as it is connected to the web.  With that said by adding the information to the security token you could log this information... for instance...

App -> Web Service ( App logs web service request and Web Service Logs hit with information from the header and security token )
Web Service -> App ( App logs received information from security token )

Then from the logs you would be able to see if the application is hitting the correct web service.  I must admit though that your reply left me a little bit confused and it is possible that we are talking about two different things...

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