Frontpage 2003 webbots fail when used in aspnet pages

Why do my webbots fail when I use them in an aspnet page. Here is what I try:

1. I have the site open from the localhost in IIS5.0 using Frontpage 2003 (server 2002 extensions).
2. I create a new page from an existing page (has navigation, banners etc.).
3. I save it as an aspnet file.

    At this point, all of the webbots work when viewing pages in the Frontpage editor.

4. I browse the site with IE6.0

   Crimeny! the webbots are broke. All of them! If you view the source of a working page in IE, you see href tags and such. If you view the source of a broken page, you see a webbot script.

Why do the themes stop working on the server?. I am a software engineer, but I'm new to the web stuff. Please help!
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If you want webbots to work, you have to publish the web from FP. You can't call any bots that aren't in your site. All of the directory/file references have to be correct. The files have to be named correctly. And you have to have FP extensions on the web server that are also working correctly.

Frankly, if you're new to web stuff, forget FP, concentrate on learning HTML and maybe javascript, learn what your server supports and how to use it, and THEN play with some of the FP wizards. It will save you a TON of headaches.

Oh, and one other thing -- FP bots break for no apparent reason. Sometimes fixable, sometimes not.

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mstriplinAuthor Commented:
Thank you webwoman,

Now there's a thought. I can view the source in IE, then cut and paste the html into the aspnet pages instead of using the webbot script.

I did originally publish in FP. What I got is:
html pages, when viewing source in IE, show html references for the required links.
aspx pages, when viewing source in IE, show the original webbot script.
.... the only difference between the pages was the extension.

I can navigate these aspx pages when using the FP editor.
The links are not processed by the browser; I tried any number of browser options in FP: No bueno! I don't know what to tell the browser.


If you don't have a lot of pages, the cut/paste way would work. Actually, if what you want will be exactly the same on all the pages, do the cut/paste and make an include file, and use that on all the pages (easier maintenance).
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