True Type Fonts Explained

What are True Type fonts and how do they affect printing? Would they cause a printer to use color ink to create black, even though the printer has a black cartridge that works fine when printing regular documents?

My problem is that when printing an envelope from MS Word through the Envelope tool, it apparently uses color to create black text. Even if I set the default color to Black instead of automatic.

I have a PC running Win2k, MS Office 2002, a Dell(Lexmark) 720 Inkjet
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wyliecoyoteukConnect With a Mentor Commented:
Sounds like "process" black, which is made up of Cyan, Magenta, and Yellow (sometimes with black added as "under colour replacement"). this usually a dark brown colour.
You need to set the colour to black in the page or printer properties.
Is there an option in the print driver to "print text as black", or "black overprint"?
Also, switching off any photo modes  may cure it.
this explains TTF :

What do you mean by this?    >>>    it apparently uses color to create black text    <<<
hdhondtConnect With a Mentor Commented:
TrueType fonts do not affect the way a printer prints colour or black. That is handled by the driver and/or the printer. I do not know the Dell 720, or what printer language it supports (if any).

How do you know that the printer uses colour to print black? There are cases when colour is added to print black, to give a deeper black. PhotoShop regularly adds colour to black in CMYK images for this reason. Some applications such as PageMaker have a colour called "registration" that consists of all 4 printer colours. This is used in a printing press to check that all 4 colours line up correctly. However, Word definitely does not have these features. I suppose it is possible that the Dell 720 printer/driver does this to give denser black on envelopes. However, that would only work if the driver has an "envelope" setting. In that case you can defeat it by setting the driver to paper.
comteksoAuthor Commented:
Thanks for your help. I believe all my problems are comming from within the printer itself. It is a very low end inkjet that came free with a dell system. I will have to revisit this again when time permits. Thanks again.
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