Default Print font?

Does the default print font come from windows or the printer? I have two PC's running Win2k that print from the same DOS based app... One prints to an HP Photo printer and appears to use an Arial font ( which we like), the other prints to a low end Dell 720 ( Lexmark) printer and appears to be a Times New Roman font. How can I change the default print font to the Arial font? I have not been able to find any setting for the Dell printer to change the font.
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Is the Dell a Lexmark C-720 as shown here?:

If so you should have the below fonts available from the printer:

156 scalable PostScript fonts
84 scalable PCL fonts
83 symbol sets in PCL 6 emulation
2 PCL bitmap fonts
Do you have the user's manual?
Either way, the default font normally comes from Windows, and is application dependent. In Windows, all text in an application is in some font. The font can be TrueType, PostScript, OpenType, or some Windows syste, font. This font gets sent to the printer as part of the job; with GDI printers Windows itself converts the font into printer pixels

While this rarely happens, if the appkication does not specify a font, the printer uses its own default. With PostScript printers this is Courier (to ensure you'll realise something went wrong); with other printers it is printer dependent. This would normally only happen if the font specified is not downloaded to the printer or is not installed on the PC.
If you are printing from DOS, the default font is what you get unless you embed a printer command in the file header to change it (PCL in this case).
It could be that your application is sending this info to the HP, but the command for the Dell is different. (font control characters are often device specific)

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comteksoAuthor Commented:
Thanks for your help. I will have to revisit this problem later... it is no longer a priority. Thanks again.
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