Windows 2003 Server - High Page File Usage

I need to identify the cause of a high memeory usage error which I received this AM from one of my clients servers.  The error is:

"A large amount of memory is committed to applications and processes.  Consistently high memory usage can cause performance problems."

I have looked thru the logs and event viewer and cannot find any process or service which is causing the problem.  In watching the performance monitor, I see that the page file usage is 1.95Gigs and that memory usage is running constantly at or around 80%.  

This server is only serving 8 PC's in a small business office.

Any help or guidance is appreciated.
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Have a look at this link!

If memory usage is running constantly at 80% and the page file is being used alot it is a classic sign that you need more memory. Memory is extremely cheap these days! How much are you running? Generally you should be using at least 512MB or preferably 1GB.

Best way to find out what is eating up your memory is to look in task mananager ------> processes and then sort by mem usage.

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ukznmcl, offered good advice.

Here are a few other tools that might help as well:

SysInternals Freeware Utility to better determine which Instances or threads might be consuming resources.

or Microsoft's front end to PerfMon
Server Performance Advisor V1.0  Performance diagnostic tool for Windows Server 2003

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Windows Server 2003

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