How to run .kshrc


I want to run a .kshrc file everytime i login.
I have copied the .kshrc file from my colleague's account.
But the scripts she has written are not executing in my account.
like at the prompt is still remaining
instead of
myid@hostname in pwd%

I just thought copying the .kshrc file will do it as on login, it is executed.

Do i need to do something else too?

This is Solaris OS. i am connecting remotely from Windows NT using Exceed.

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What is your default shell?  It would have to be ksh in order for the .kshrc to process.  You can find out what shell you are running once you are logged in by executing the command, whodo.  You should see output like the following.
[root@server1 /]# whodo
Fri Nov 12 10:17:05 CST 2004
pts/1        user     10:16
    pts/1          934    0:00 sh

dkamdarAuthor Commented:

it is korn shell thats why i was modifying .kshrc
I found out what the problem was ... i had to export PS1 variable instead of prompt ...

Thanks Anyways
You need to add the environment setting ENV to your .profile. This setting needs to point to your .kshrc (or whatever you name it). I.E:

  export ENV

After adding these line to your .profile logout and back in again. It should pick up the .kshrc now.

If you change something in the .kshrc and want to source the new file then from your command prompt in your home directory enter ". .kshrc". This will read in and execute the new settings.

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I appreciate the points. But, why only a grade of C? Was there something I didn't explain well enough? If so let me know what and I will further explain.
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