Trying to diagnose an IIS 6 problem

I have started getting problems over the last couple of days with site just freezing up and refusing to respond.  I have around 100 site on the server and am having problems trying to diagnose the problem.

Are there any ways / tools that can help me find out what the problem is.  The web sites freeze and then usually work fine again if you open a new window.

The server itself isn't crashing, and the CPU and memory usage seems to look OK (no patterns here anyway).

I would be very grateful for any ideas or experiences...?
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is it one site in particular? have a look at the IIS logs .... anything in event viewer? asp? aspx? database access?
OrrolandAuthor Commented:
I can't really tell if it is one site that is causing the problem.  There isn't anything that I can see in the logs.

I have just tried putting various sites into different application pools - is this a good idea?
Application pools are an EXCELLENT idea, if  you have a site causing problems.

You need to group that 100 sites into about 5- application pools. Then, when a site craps out on you immediate test another site in that pool. Once the problem occurs you can recycle the pool and see if the problem immediately goes away. There are thresholds in the pools that can be raised.

For example, if a site has a bad link in it and someone is hitting that link really hard it can throw up enough errors to stop the pool.

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