spyware used to record activity on computer

a lot of people have suggested i get some spyware stuff (key loggers, spy arsenal) to check and see if someone has been using my computer to view porn.  however, how easy would it be for someone to discover this stuff on my computer?  i don't know much about computers, my partner does pretty much all the setting up things.  i do know i have norton anti virus installed on my computer -- will this detect things that like keylogger of spy arsenal stuff?  or could the person use a different download to check and see if stuff of a similar nature is present on the computer?
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i have been using norton antivirus. but it is not effective in detecting spywares and adwares.
i suggest you install some application specifically written for detecting adwares/spywares. norton internet security professional is one of such kind.

once you install the software, you can search your hard disk using it, to detect any such code on ur pc. these software also have a part which stays in memory and detects when new adwares/spywares try to install themselves.
Hello lordsofacid =)

>> how easy would it be for someone to discover this stuff on my computer?
With any anti-spyware or keylogger detection tool !!
Norton is not good in cathcing these stuff but softwares like Adaware, Spybot, Spysweeper etc etc can catch them easily =\
lordsofacidAuthor Commented:
so if i try to put spyware on my computer to track someone else, they can just as easily find out whether or not i have done that?  is there any spy stuff that is especially good at not being able to be detected?
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hmmmm that can be done, but on a Professional level.... i mean you need to buy a Professional software which is specially built for the purpose of tracking the information of the things happening on your system !!
there are lots of them if you will serch on Google.... e.g like this one >> http://www.keyloggers.com/
http://nonags.egnatia.ee.auth.gr/monit.html   keyspy is hidden from the tyask manager  when installed only viewable if you know the password.
The best one for this is Spector.  www.spector.com.  They have apps that can take screen shots every second or so and tell you where someone was, see what they saw, see what they typed and who they sent email to, etc.  It's great software for what you're looking to do and is nearly impossible to detect.  You can only access it by using a combination of keystrokes and then have to enter a password to get into it.  It doesn't show up as a file or anything!


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