Please recommend a cheap, easy-to-use wireless PCMCIA card that's available retail

I need a recommendation for a cheap, reliable PCMCIA wireless networking card that can be easily found at a retail chain store. I want to pick one product as "the standard" for my users, so I can have one set of drivers for everyone. I want it to be a product that's commonly available through retail, so if someone needs to run out and buy one while traveling, they can find that model easily. What's the best all around? Is there anything I should specifically avoid?

These will be used in several notebook brands, in various conference centers, airports, hotels, and corporate LANs, so I want something that is simple to configure and will work with the most commonly found environments.

I'd like to hear about actual experiences with the products. I don't need someone to do Google searches for me, I can do those myself...  ;)

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For 802.11b: LinkSys WPC11
For 802.11g/b: LinkSys WPC54G

Just buy LinkSys. They work well and have good drivers, and OK support. They are the most popular brand for a reason. Everyone supports them.

Most of them work with Linux too (some right out of the box, and some with more work), but they all work very well with Windows.

I have both the cards listed above at home, and have never had a problem with either. In fact, I sat on one and cracked it. It still works. They work with every brand of wireless network I've used. I've been to several coffee shops, many hotels and it always works.

I have LinkSys cards in my PC's at home, and a LinkSys cable modem, router and a wireless access point, and they just work.

You can buy them at Best Buy, Circuit City, and Radio Shack. How's that for available?

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Another note. LinkSys cards are not cheap, and I submit to you that you don't want inexpensive cards. You should want cards that work and let you do more important things.

Your time is expensive and should not be spent on brand X cheapy cards bought in a closeout store.
billmercerAuthor Commented:
Thanks for the advice. You've given me exactly what I asked for.
I'm going to go with the LinkSys WPC54G. I do need to justify my choice to some very aggresive legume monitors, and some of the card prices I've seen appear to be the product of drug-induced hysteria, but LinkSys, while not the cheapest, is at least sane.
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