Overruns on Cisco 1751 VPN router

Hello all, I have a question to ask of you router gurus out there.  I have a 1751 router connected to a fixed internet connection that ports directly to an ethernet port, plugged into a WIC in my router.  My problem is this, we've been experiencing outages on the VPN connection, but I do a show interface on the ethernet port of the WIC connected to our internet connection, and I see no errors at all.  However, on the fast ethernet portion of the router, I'm seeing no errors except for about 5500 overrun packets.  My next instinct was to check cpu usage, and it's pretty low, about 6-9 %, so I don't think the router can't keep up.  What could be causing it?  My only suspicion is the catalyst switch connecting the router with the LAN.  Is there something that I could check on the router or switch?

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It's most likely agreement between the fa port and your switch as to what speed and duplex they should both be at.  Do a sho int fa0 and check those settings, then do the same on your switch.  If they don't match, that's probably where your errors are from.
Definately check for duplex issues.  Both sides (1751 and Catalyst) should be hard coded for speed and  duplex.  The autonegotation between Catalyst and 1700 routers sometimes will only find 100 Half on one side and 100 Full on another causing you grief.

Also, what kind of internet connection do you have going via the 1751 and what speeds?

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pkillurAuthor Commented:
I will check out the switch and the FA port and get  back to you guys ASAP.  Thanks!

I have a fixed speed wireless connection (Nextweb.net) using a microwave transmitter.  It's smokin' hot fast compared to DSL, and it's roughly 20 bucks more per month than the business class DSL, but way more stable.

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What kind of speeds?  I work with a company that does wireless, cable modem, and ADSL so always nice to hear other stuff. :)
pkillurAuthor Commented:
768k Sync is $170 per month, however you could equate that to around a 1 meg connection in "real speed" since it is sync.  We have a dedicated 1 meg connection that is a whole lot more, however, it required 2 dedicated transmitters and receivers due to the remoteness of the location.  It's at a sync'd 1.5ish speed.  Also, we have a few others that are around 1Meg for around 200 per month.  The nice feature about it is that you don't have to do anything except figure out a power source and have the guys come out and tweak the antenna.  Previously we were going with DSL, which was crazy expensive once you figured in installation charges and the 20 bucks a month for the line fee, it was the same price and less dependable.
Ahh.. just wondering (sorry to get this offtopic).  I'm in Canada and Internet is so so much cheaper here than the USA (which doesn't make sense but it really is)...

Here for example, you can get 4 Meg download and 800Kb/s upload for $30USD per month.  And it's quality bandwidth (not just because I work for them niether lol) having said that it's not *dedicated* bandwidth though.  For that level it's roughly $100/Megabit...;)

Take care,

pkillurAuthor Commented:
Replaced the switch and it worked great!  Thanks!
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