Problem with Profitability Segment for a Customer Invoice Posting BAPI

Someone posted this earlier, and I'm having the same problem

"I try to post customer invoices using the BAPI BAPI_ACC_INVOICE_RECEIPT_POST but when called, it returns an error: 'Field Prof.segmt is a required field for G/L account...'. How do I specify this profitability segment in the SAP Request?  "

Someone replied that they needed to fill in values for the Criteria parameter (BAPIACKECR), which I list below with their dictionary descriptions:

ITEMNO_ACC  - Accounting  document line item number
FIELDNAME     - Field name
CHARACTER    - Characteristic (concrete use ===> EDIMAP)

I pass the following (using the Java Connector, for what it's worth):

CHARACTER    = "1000"

When I pass these values I no longer see the error message above, but the values are not stored in the profitability segment.   When I do this manually through FB60, (that is, the value '1000' placed in the 'KNDNR' field for the second line item) it works fine.  

Has anyone been able to use this feature?  What does "EDIMAP" refer to?  What am I supposed to place in that field?  I've tried padding with zeroes, changing the ITEMNO_ACC to different values, and still have no success.

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Your COPA setting fields and values should be passed on to the structure BAPIACKECR

See the function module ' BAPI_ACC_BILLING_POST'.  and tables   CRITERIA which has structure of  BAPIACKECR. Now in this you should pass the values for fields of your COPA operating concern.

Structure of  CRITERIA  is as follows.

ITEMNO_ACC     " Accounting document line item number
FIELDNAME        "Field name
CHARACTER      " Characteristic (concrete use ==> EDIMAP)

I hope this will help you.


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