Upgrade RedHat 7.3 to 9.0

Hi -

I recently "inherited" support for a linux system running RedHat 7.3.  I'm not a linux pro, as my main area is applications development/support.  I get the feeling, though, that I should upgrade this old version.  Before I launch off bravely, I just want to know some basics:  Is 9.0 the best choice?  Should I go with Enterprise?  Will I be able to upgrade "in place" without losing partitions/data on hard drive?  Finally, the hard drive is RAID1 - I seem to remember from my predecessor that 7.3 didn't work with the RAID controller "out of the box."  Am I wrong to assume that 9.0 (or whatever) will be better?

A lot of questions, I realize, but I sincerely appreciate any help.  I can get other system info, if needed.

Many thanks,
Chris Hawkins
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9.0 will probably be better, but it is still very old and no longer supported (i.e., you won't get security patches for it).

Enterprise is probably your best choice if you have the cash. Otherwise, Fedora Core 2.

You should have no problem upgrading in place, but you'll have to check out to make sure your raid controler is supported...

   For support and reliability, I would suggest that you should go for RedHat Enterprise Linux 3.0 (RHEL 3.0).
For budget, you can go for RHEL WS 3.0 (workstation version) with less than $300.

   Besides, it depends on the functionality of your Linux box. If you have do some development job on it, RHEL 3.0
still use kerne 2.4.X and have better compatibility than Fedora.



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cahawkinsAuthor Commented:
OK, thanks to both of you for speedy replies.  I'll plan on going forward with Enterprise, and will make sure I double-check info on my RAID controller...

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