MSN Inbox Icon Yellow Triangle??

The MSN Inbox Icon turned into a yellow triangle sometime during the last few days.  If I put my cursor over it I get a message to the effect that I cannot send or receive email.  The Inbox is the only folder that has the yellow triangle icon.

I use Windows 2000.  I recently installed SP 4.

A friend logged onto their AOL account, I then typed inthe MSN url address, logged into my account, and was able to access my email.  BTW, I can log into my MSN Messenger 6.2 and it reflects the correct number of files in the inbox.

Does anyone have an ideas?  I only have the MSN account and can't rely on using someone's AOL in order to access my email.

Thanks for your help.
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Hi SLCleary,
> A friend logged onto their AOL account,

Do you mean by the above statement that your friend used AOL dialup to logon to internet and then check MSN email ?

What browser you used and how did you go to internet ?

Can you press on inbox and are you able to view all emails ?

Did you try to delete temporary internet files , cookies on your computer and then check if you can go online and view the inbox in MSN ?

SLClearyAuthor Commented:
Hi SR,

Thank you for the response.
I use Broadband DSL (through BellSouth) to logon to the internet using a Westell Wirespeed modem.
I use Internet Explorer version 6.

My friend used my computer (and the above connection) to log onto their AOL account where I was able to logon to MSN and see and read the email in the MSN inbox.

When I logon to MSN and press the inbox icon it shows a message "Could not send or receive e-mail."  I am NOT able to send or receive e-mail.

Yes, I deleted the temporary internet files and cookies on my computer.  Still the same result.

BTW, I have a secondary MSN account and it has no problem ... no yellow triangle icon for the inbox ... and I am able to send and receove messages on that account.

>> My friend used my computer (and the above connection) to log onto their AOL account where I was able to logon to MSN and see and read the email in the MSN inbox.

Somewhat not clear here. If your friend used the above internet connection , why is that you need to logon to AOL account and from there MSN account ?

Have you tried to use that MSN account in a totally different machine and see if you can access the inbox ?

Have you tried to use a different browser and check the same account
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SLClearyAuthor Commented:
I can log onto AOL
then type in the URL for MSN from AOL
and then I'm able to access the MSN inbox

I can not access the MSN inbox if I go into the MSN application
only if I go into the AOL application and then navigate to MSN from there

The MSN application is only available on this one computer so I only have access to the IE browser.

SLClearyAuthor Commented:
Okay.  MSN tech support had we uninstall and then reinstall both MSN Messenger and MSN Explorer.  Didn't help.  I thought it might be a registry problem so I downloaded a registry "cleanup" program that the computer techies at work recommended.  I ran the registry cleanup ... it found a problem with a registry key for MSN ... cleaned it up.  I now have access to my MSN inbox again.  Thanks for your response.
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