Compaq Presario 700 Keyboard - Replace Keyboard, Replace Button, Take It Apart?

On of my buttons, the right arrow key, is messed up. It popped out of the little plastic holder thing and it just hanging there by a wire. It works, but I have to move the button over where it should be, then press hard. It's really irratating. Keyboards are fairly cheap on eBay, but I don't have a lot of laptop upgrading/repair experience. I searched Google for any info and found a guy selling buttons for $5. After looking at pictures of the keyboard as a whole, I thought maybe I could take apart the plastic laptop case, get to the keyboard and put the button back in right, but again, I do not really know what I am doing, or if the button could even be put back. Anyone know how buttons are attached to keyboards? I don't think the replacement button would do any good. It looks just like the button and the thing that pushes it back up. Both of those I have. There has to be some way of installing the new button in a keyboard, so I thought maybe I could just put mine back. What do you think, bust the beast open and see what happens? How hard is it? If I take apart the laptop to get to the keyboard, is there going to be a lot of little things flying out making it really hard to get it back in? My laptop would be sweet if it wasn't for that button, well, the battery can't hold a charge, but I am planning on buying 1 or 2 new ones.
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I have done a fair amount of service on laptops and generally the keyboard is the easiest thing to change.  however check a couple of things first.  Look at the top of the keybaord between the screen and the keys.  The piece of plastic that is there generally needs to be removed or there is some sort of plastic keys that can pop out to reveal screws.

The keyboard is generally secured by one or two crews at the top and then hinges back out, there would also be a ZIF cable to allow for the connection to the board.

If it is not secured like this then it is generally from the bottom of the unit, and the screws are generally labelled.

If this is not clear send me some details or give me a link to apic of your computer, and I should be able to tell you how to get ht ekeyboard off and replaced.
GreggoryAuthor Commented:
I can get the old keyboard out, but I need help getting the key back on. I ended up giving up and just bought a new keyboard.
If the boutton did not just click on then most likely the rentention mechanism was broken

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