External DVD Burner will not burn DVDs

Just purchased a new 5.25 external drive case and fitted my nearly new DVD writer which was taking our of my PC as I upgraded it to a faster one. I'm having all kinds of problems with this DVD burner including...

- Win XP not always detecting the USB or Firewire connection, sometimes take a few attempts to connect.
- DVD burner seems to read factory made data CDs but can't seem to read or setup some blank DVD-RWs.
- Nero 6 with the latest updates won't burn anything to it when I use a DVD disk but I have managed to burn a small file to a CD-R.
- When setting Nero up I use Nero Express and can add files but when I go to the next screen to select the burn option, Nero crashes every time and will only quit when I unplug my external devise.
- I have tried burning to DVD-RW, DVD+R, CD-R, seems burning to all DVDs seems to crash Nero on when burning to this external drive and not to my built in drive!!!

The DVD burner was set to Master as advised.

I have no idea what this coud be but I'm tired, fed up and feel like I've wasted alot of money!!!!

My system includes
XP home edition
1900+ AMD
128Mb Graphics Card
with built in DVD burner 16x speed


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ok let's try a few things

1), change the USB or firewire cable, to assure it isn't the cable.

2)  Assure you have both the correct driver for the external case, as well as the DVD-R drive.

3)  After above, Check in Control Panel System, Device Manager to assure that there are no errors in Windows in detecting the drive.


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How are your updates and service pack2  - all installed?
Do you use some additional CD software that requires Cd access?  For example Nero InCd, directCD Couffin engine etc.?
If so  - try to disable them and try again.

Have you tried different cd-burn software , maybe cd Creator from Roxio?  

Are there options in Nero that allow you to choose/change settings of your burner/ have you tried?
Asta CuTechnical consultant & graphic designCommented:
How current is WindowsUpdate?  Any errors noted in the Event logs? What type of model?  Have you checked for updates and firmware fixes?  How current is WindowsUpdate?  Regional settings correct?  Encoders/codecs missing?   More would help.
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Asta CuTechnical consultant & graphic designCommented:
Also had problems with an external DVD product, and the problem was the actual DVDs.  Check your manual and get high quality disks that are compatible with your burner.  What SW are you using and version?
ph48242Author Commented:
Thanks people here's an update.

After a lengthy fault finding session yesterday I awoke this morning with a new idea! I swopped DVD drives. So my new 16x DVD writer is now portable and the 8x DVD writer is in my PC. By the way both drives are branded differently but made by the same manufacturer. I was able to update the firmware for the 16x but not the 8x for some reason. Anyway with both drives now swopped I tried to update the 8x firmware but still couldn't - "warning bells now". Using the Live Update software the manufacturer provides from www.drvupdate.com it shows me there is an update (current firware is 0054, new firmware 0159) but when I proceed I cannot select my 8x writer and so can't continue!!!

The 16x portable works like a treat but the 8x speed, even though its improved slightly, is still giving me cause for concern. Seems Nero is having some problem still with the 8x speed but not as bad.As its only 7x months old and hardly used I am going to return it to the shop this morning!

My XP already has SP2 install and windows update is up to date.

I'm hoping PC World will give me a full refund so I can buy another 16X somewhere else, I'll let you know how I get on.
From what i've heard, DVDs tend to cause trouble on higher speeds. My neighbour only burns DVDs on 2x. Try slowing down. It might help...
A few Information that is Required is ,

1) Is the External DVD drive provided with an AC adapter to have external Power connected as well ? Most External Drives require more power than the USB V+ & V- bus can supply. They may take 1 unit ( 100ma )usb bus current and the rest would be supplied by an external adapter ac adaoter.

2) I suppose your system has Hi-Speed USB. Check the Device Manger to see Enhance USB Host Controller. Need more info on this? Click this Link http://www.usbman.com/Guides/checking_for_usb_2.htm

3)You may also want to try After you apply the patch, you may need to refresh the USB driver stack

Remove all USB HUBS and Controllers.  

Control Panel>System > Hardware > Device Manager in the following order:
USB Root Hub (s)
USB Host Controller (s)
Shutdown and reboot

If that did not fix try the below patch from Microsoft.

4) Patch Available : Have this USB 2.00 Driver installed before we try again. Click on the link to start the download. http://download.microsoft.com/download/d/5/d/d5dc65b3-fda4-454f-813d-ae4ca2638c87/WindowsXP-KB822603-x86-ENU.exe

Hope this Helps

ph48242Author Commented:
Thanks people for all your replies.

Turns out it was a faulty DVD writer. I had a refund and bought a faster one and now all is well.


Then the points should have been split. This is Un-fair and discouraging !

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