BGP on a Catalyst4500 with Sup4.


I've just recently got a Cat 4500 with a Sup4 (512mb RAM)... Whenever I try and send it a full table I get a CEF error telling me its disabling CEF. The routers not live, so im leaving it in "testing". I've tried the newest IOS and its not worked. I've tried sending sh tech off to Cisco etc.. No difference.

00:37:02: %FIB-2-FIBDOWN: CEF has been disabled due to a low memory condition.
 It can be re-enabled by configuring "ip cef [distributed]"

After re-enabling CEF it then just resets, even with a full table and CEF "disabled", its got about 300mb RAM left free! I just don't understand why its showing a problem. BGP works fine, I've just got a default route set at the moment, but this needs to change very soon.

Any suggestions would be great.
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What else is in this box?  There must be line cards etc... can you post a "sh diag" ?

Just ran across this with a 7513 router for example that has lots of memory however the GigE card itself (and the card that drives it) only had 32 Meg of RAM and when it tries to load the FIB into the card's processor it can't .... the interface card has to be able to hold the entire FIB.  In this case it looks like a full BGP feed is loading the FIB memory beyond what it physicaly has.

From 12.2 caveats

• CSCuk51673
Symptoms: Distributed Cisco Express Forwarding (DCEF) may become disabled and the
following error message may appear on the console:
%FIB-3-NOMEM: Malloc Failure, disabling DCEF %FIB-2-FIBDOWN: CEF has been disabled
due to a low memory condition. It can be re-enabled by configuring “ip cef
Conditions: This may be seen on a platform running DCEF. DCEF may get disabled. This
depends on how much memory is being allocated at runtime.
Workaround: Upgrade to the image containing this bug-fix.

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