Is Error Guard a good program

Hi all,
I have run a test with Error Guard on my computer and it says it has found over 250 problems. I would like your opinion on this program eg. it is a reputable program?
I will have to pay by my Visa card which has a large credit limit! Is it safe to purchase on line?

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Asta CuTechnical consultant & graphic designCommented:
I don't know that program at all, others will likely step in here, but here's what I do to protect myself.  First, of course, WindowsUpdate to ensure I've got all the security updates and patches for my OS and Browser, then this...

Prior to doing Spyware removal, be sure to use a good Viruscan program and also be sure it is updated and you do a full, deep scan of all drives.

ALSO, important, turn off system restore before doing this and Spyware fixes, or the problem will return. Once cleaned, you should enable System Restore again.

If Pop Ups arise, and Browser is hijacked, the quickest way to close the Browser window is ALT+F4.

This is a central link here compiled by a number of our Experts with Spyware tools, links and cautions/recommendations: 
HijackThis can scan your system and create a log (and fix some things) ...
once this log is created, post the log results in this free analyzer: 
This is the HijackThis Guideline and process that makes sense to me: 

Once you've run the log through the Analyzer, you're guided for the most part with recommendations, and some can be fixed by HijackThis, but some may show as "nasty" which aren't and may cause problems for you. So do encourage you to read the above link for cautions on this. Let us know only the line items which need further analysis by us.

My personal choices on the Spyware/Malware and Malicious BHO issue is to use these two programs:
AdAware (I chose the paid version which is SE Professional) but both also have free versions and always welcome contributions. Be sure it is the most current and updated, also make sure you configure it to do Deep Scanning and to include the HOSTS file. For Spybot S&D, if you choose that, be sure to update it and use the Immunize function to block @ 2500 spyware/malware intrusions.   It is important to note that once you've installed Spybot S&D, and may have had it installed previously and configured it to include the Immunize function to block intrusions, that after an updated, you do the Immunize again, to include the new blocked intruders.

Hope this is of help to you. Best wishes, let us know your progress.

":0) Asta
I agree with astaec

I have never heard of Error Guard. You should use the free ones. Using your credit card
online is safe under the following 3 circumstances:

1) The connection is encrypted between you and the company you are purchasing from
2) You trust the company you are purchasing from and believe it to be a reputable company
3) There are no key logging programs or other kinds of spyware that infringe on your
privacy - even if you have an encrypted connection, a keylogger installed on your computer
records all keys that you type, just make sure your computer is clean

That said, I use my credit card online all the time, no worries! most credit card companies
and some online companies like have credit card fraud protection

Hope that helped :-)
>> I have run a test with Error Guard on my computer and it says it has found over 250 problems

I have searched on the whole Google and on all other search engines.... and couldn't find a single link to this "Error Guard Test"..... from where did you find it..... show me the link !! :)
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Looks to me that is some kind of spyware tool or pop-up Ad that automatically ran on your computer ..
Are you sure you ran it yourself or when you opened a website , it ran and reported about 250 errors.

Follow the instructions by Asta and try to see if you can remove the spyware if you have not run it .

I think the product is "ErrorGuard".  The link is:

I don't have any experience with it and the available information is sparse, though.

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Never heard of it until now, I just went to the website a looked at what it did...... Simply put, don't waste your money on this nonsense.

It cleans up unused drivers, uhhh, it deletes the driver cache.... wow, you can do this yourself by going to your system32 directory and deleting everything in the folder called, "Driver cache", yourself, and for free.....

"removes unncessary" programs from loading upon system start up. Point, I misspell often, don't really care, I'm not trying to sell anything here........  This website has typo's, very unprofessional..... Oh, by the way, you can remove programs from start up yourself by cleaning the run key in the registry yourself, also free.....

Third, regarding it playing around in my system's registry..... I don't want some dinky program written by an amature messing with my systems registry, Period. I don't care how many errors it claims to see.

To sum it up, if your computer is running fine, don't bother with stuff like this. All those 'errors' it detected I consider to be nothing more than marketing techniques.

BuggarAuthor Commented:
Hi all thanks for all the info

Sorry I will be away until next week and so will get back to you then
no problem :)
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