SCSI hard drive

I have a ( HP SCSI hard drive model MAN3184MC) ... I need some instruction's on how to hook it up to my PC. Is their a kit or some kind of adapter that I could order, if so what kind.  Can I use this hard drive
to get on the internet or is it for storing data only.

Thank you ................................ everett smith
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Lee W, MVPTechnology and Business Process AdvisorCommented:
A Hard Drive is pure data storage.  You can't do anything with the internet using it, other than saving files to it.  I believe this is an SCA hard drive.  You'd need a SCSI controller and a SCA 80 pin to a 68 pin adapter (unless I miss my guess, this drive has no obvious power connector and just one area of pins that you would appear to connect a cable to).
Lee W, MVPTechnology and Business Process AdvisorCommented:
Here's the adapter (plenty of places sell them, this is just one:

And you SHOULD be able to use any SCSI card with it.  HOWEVER, the "newness" of the card will dictate the speed of the drive.  I would recommend running it on anything less than an Ultra2 Wide Controller and ideally an ultra 160 controller.  Look on ebay for an Adaptec 29160 card - that's probably best - just make sure it's not an HVD (High Voltage Differential) card - it should be a LVD (Low Voltage Differential).  (I don't recall but I THINK the 29160 only comes in LVD models - but if you see HVD, move on).

Lastly, you'll need a internal 68pin cable with a terminator on one end.

It's a nice fast drive 10K RPM, 4.7 MS access time 18GB, but it may be more hassal than it's worth to get it working for you (SCSI is notoriously difficult to get working right - although with only one drive, it might not be so bad).  You might be better off selling it on ebay and buying a Serial ATA controller and a 36GB 10K RPM SATA Western Digital hard drive.

Here's the cable you'll likely need:

Look for the "LVD Round to 68-pin" cable.

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Ev10Author Commented:
I just want to thank Ieew for all the helpful info on the SCSI harddrive

Lee W, MVPTechnology and Business Process AdvisorCommented:

If you feel I've answered your question, then please accept one of my comments as an answer.  If not, please let me know what other information you need.


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