Parsing error when upgrading NW6sp4 (eDir 873) to NW6sp5

Any one running into this issue?

We are running into problems upgrading a batch of NW6sp4 servers with eDir 873 to NW6sp5.

The exact error is:
An error occurred while parsing file
"sys:\nw6sp5\sp\INSTALL\STARUP.ICS", line
1033, at or near word or symbol ",".  Error
description:  Syntax error.  (nwconfig-6-232)

The same media files work fine upgrading NW6sp2 to NW6sp5, or NW6sp4 eDir86x to NW6sp5.

I don't see anything on Novell for this issue.  The closest is "Error occurred while parsing file - TID10093646 (last modified 28OCT2004)" for installing NW6.5 sp2.

We actually followed that TID and ended up bombing another batch we upgraded earlier in the week.  

My thinking is eDir873 is causing the problem...  Any ideas?


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Based on what I see in the startup.ics file at line 1033, I concur that it would have something to do with eDirectory, since it is the "extend schema" section of the file.  Since I currently have NW6SP4 with eDirectory, and hope to go to SP5 someday, I have a vested interest in the resolution to this issue.

Does this occur after doing an Admin login?  Are you logging in using an Admin ID that has rights to extend the schema?  What version of eDir873 are you running - have any of the IR's been applied?
Mighty_SillyAuthor Commented:
Hey ShineOn,

Thanks for responding!

Here are two references to this "Parsing Error" on Novell - one is a TID for NW6.5sp2 install (which got us into hot water - refer to my other post <DS.nlm no long load after a "successful" upgrade from NW6 sp4 to sp5>, and one on the Discussion Forum.  Check'em out.  I'll update this as I get more info.

Error occurred while parsing file - TID10093646 (last modified 28OCT2004)

NW6SP5 Error in STARTUP.ICS - Is this a BUG?,D@NONE/@article@12778

I'd guess it's a similar, yet different issue than what is presented in TID10093646, since 6.5 starts out at 8.7 and gets updated to 8.7.3 in SP2, IIRC, while if running 8.7.3 on 6.0SP4, the SP tries to update 8.6 eDirectory to 8.6.2 SMP build 10350.30.00, so you don't WANT the eDirectory update to run, IMHO. Since the C:\NWERVER update wants to put an older version of DSLOADER.NLM there, that's what's throwing the error.

Is there an option to bypass the eDirectory update?  If so, that part of SP5 shouldn't even be run on the servers that have 8.7.3.

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Mighty_SillyAuthor Commented:
No, we couldn't even get past the authentication screen (after the login part).  It started copying the files, then just errored out w/ that Parsing Error.

We WERE successful in updating a batch of NW6.0sp4 w/ eDir 8.6 to NW6.0sp5 - just like you stated above.  

We're opening an incident w/ Novell soon.  I'll keep you posted.


Mighty_SillyAuthor Commented:

Sorry for leaving this out there for so long.  To date, we haven't had any good response from Novell about a *fix*, only two workarounds - both worked.

1) re-download iso and burn cd again, making sure antivirus is disable
2) on servers that went thru the initial process ok but insist that they're still sp4,
    simply replace SERVER.EXE from a sp5 box.

Thanks for taking the time to respond.

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