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Hey guys, I am new to flash, but I found this effect/animnation and I would like to try to learn how to do it.  Below is a link to the site:

The effect/annimation I am talking about is the blue lines that dash accross the stage in a shooting star fashion going from one side of the screen to the other, I thought at first they were following a motion guide, but I can't seem to mimic this.  

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shamstarConnect With a Mentor Commented:

One fairly easy way I can think of to create the effect is to have 2 layers, where layer 1 is the blue line, and layer 2 is a mask.
Basically what you do is first create the "line".  This would be on layer 1 where you make a gradient filled rectangle with blue to white from left to right.
Next on layer 2 (above layer 1) is the mask, make this by drawing a white rectangle as big as the scene.  You will then need to cut out the track of the line from the rectangle.
Once you have that, then you can use a motion guide to move the rectangle around along the cut out line.  Where the cut out is made the viewer will think the object underneath is a line and wont know its just another rectangle.

Hopefully that should give you enough to create the effect you wanted.  I managed to find two tutorials that might help you in using the techniques ive mentioned here, i.e cutting out shapes and using masks:
- http://www.flashkit.com/tutorials/Special_Effects/Flash_Li-Chad_Fre-576/more3.php
- http://www.flashkit.com/tutorials/Special_Effects/Create_M-Purnawij-839/index.php
g9supportAuthor Commented:
Awesome, your instructions worked perfectly, thank you so much, you saved me a lot of frustrations!!
Thanks, glad I could help :-)
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